How To Safely And Properly Install A Chimney Liner

How To Safely and Properly Install a Chimney Liner

Chimney liners are not required in all traditional fireplaces, but they will make your home safer by preventing house fires. However, safely and properly installing a chimney liner requires some preparation. If you're attempting this installation yourself, use the tips below to ensure you're adding this component correctly.

Take the Appropriate Measurements

Chimney liners are very important for ensuring the safety of your fireplace. Because of this, you never want to buy a chimney liner that is too large or too small for your chimney's cavity. Before you even consider which material to use for your liner, take the proper measurements, so you know how much material you need to cover the walls adequately.

To do this, measure the diameter of the chimney and the length from the top crown to where the liner will stop at the opening of the flue. Then, add about 12 inches to your length to ensure you have the appropriate measurements. You can always cut off excess liner material after the installation.

Prepare the Liner for Installation

We recommend removing your chimney liner from its packaging and laying it out on a flat surface, such as your lawn, to inspect the part for damage. For example, a stainless steel tube liner could have punctures or holes that render the component useless.

In addition to the chimney liner, the kit should come with other parts, such as the tee connection and a top plate. Lay out these items as well to ensure you have the necessary components to safely and properly install a chimney liner.

Insert the Liner From the Roof

Carry your chimney liner with the tee connector attached to your roof for installation. From here, you can insert the liner into the top of the chimney and slowly lower it until the bottom connection reaches the opening of your fireplace. Once the liner is in place, you can move inside the house to finish the installation with the connectors.

Finish Attaching Connectors and the Top Plate

Finish the installation by attaching the proper connectors inside the flue of your fireplace. We recommend using furnace cement to seal the attachments together. This will prevent any drafts from leaking through vulnerable areas of the connection.

Next, head back to the top of the chimney to install the top plate. This plate will seal the chimney off from debris, moisture, and rodents.

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Safely burning fires in your home is essential when you own a traditional fireplace. One of the ways we can use our chimneys in a safer way is to utilize chimney liners. Use the tips above to install the liner yourself, or seek help through a professional service to ensure everything is done correctly.

FAQ about chimneys

Q:  Are older, clay lined chimneys still safe?

A: Make sure you have it inspected thoroughly.  Previous owners may have enjoyed fires which burned too hot, causing the clay liner to crack and crumble.

Q: Can I use my new gas fireplace with my old chimney?

A: Gas fireplaces require a smaller diameter chimney to vent properly. A qualified technician will be able to advise you, and it might be possible to run the new gas-vent up the old chimney.

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