9 Home Renovations That Stand The Test Of Time

Timeless Home Renovations

While your home is your own and any changes you make are ultimately up to you, some renovations are smarter than others. If there is any possibility of you wanting to sell your home in the future, you want to make changes that feel natural and add value rather than simply following the latest trends. Potential buyers want a home they can imagine themselves in, which is hard to do when there are outdated or outlandish designs and features.

Timeless Home Renovations home renovationsHome renovations should make sense for the space and improve it, not detract from it. Of course, not all home renovation trends are ideas that you should ignore. There are some amazing and creative ways to update homes these days that will likely hold value and interest for years to come.

Just make sure that whatever changes you do make add value to the home and won't appear like a relic of a trend come and gone. The following are a few upgrades and renovations that you can make to ensure your home stands the test of time and will appeal to potential future buyers.

An Open Floor Plan

One of the most popular home improvement projects that is always appealing and adds value is an open and spacious floor plan. Buyers love when they walk into a home that has an open and airy feel. Homes that have an open floor plan are more inviting and easier to move around in. Even smaller homes can be made to feel more open by knocking down a wall or two or by making the most of typically unused spaces, like an attic conversion.

Energy-Efficient Features

With everything and everyone “going green” in some way or another, eco-friendly living is here to stay. Installing energy-efficient appliances, windows, and even plumbing features such as low-flow fixtures can add significant value to your home. Features like these are no longer considered niche or desirable but instead have become a necessity for many homebuyers.

Exterior Upgrades

Improving your home's curb appeal is a great way to extend the living space outdoors and increase the value. The outside of the home is the first thing a buyer sees and can significantly impact their decision to buy. You can simply touch up the exterior paint and make changes to the landscaping, or you can do a more significant renovation by adding a porch if there isn't one already, replacing the front and garage doors, upgrading the siding, and even installing a new roof.

Wood Finishes

Carpeting and painted cabinets tend to fall in and out of style and don't hold up as well over time. Wood flooring and quality wood cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms are sturdier and last longer. They also increase a home's value as they are much more appealing to most homebuyers. No one wants to consider having to remove old carpet or strip paint from the cabinets when they are looking at a potential home.

Crown Molding

If your home doesn't already have crown molding, adding it in will instantly make your rooms feel more stylish. Homes that don't have crown molding also tend to feel bare and of lower quality. Depending on the size of your home, this renovation is often relatively easy and inexpensive to take on as well compared to other more extensive upgrades and changes.

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Tiled Bathrooms and Backsplashes

Tiling a bathroom not only looks sleek and stylish but also protects the walls and floors from moisture. Tiled kitchen backsplashes also look nicer and are easier to keep clean. Tiles are also quite strong and durable, meaning it will last forever with little maintenance required. Homebuyers love features like these as they look stylish and make their lives easier.

Smart Features

Home Renovations projects

Home Renovations projects

Like energy-efficient homes, smart homes are also on the rise and will continue to become more and more popular amongst home buyers. Smart technology makes a home feel more high-end, but it also helps the household run more efficiently. Smart thermostats, locks, and video surveillance systems, for example, are becoming highly desirable and sought-after features.

Big Windows and Skylights

The more light, the better. One of the top things homebuyers ask for when house hunting is good lighting. Especially these days, with more individuals working from home, having a bright and airy space is essential. If your home doesn't have this already, you can do so by adding in some skylights or some more oversized windows, such as a bay window.

Budget-Friendly Upgrades

Not everyone has the funds available to spend on major home renovations. However, even minor DIY upgrades and changes can instantly change the look and feel of a space and add value. Swapping out fixtures and hardware, such as knobs and faucets, for example, is a simple and low-cost way to enhance the look of a kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, updating the paint around the house to lighter, neutral tones is also an easy way to brighten and freshen a space up.

If you still decide you'd like to take on a major renovation and need a loan, just make sure you choose a lender that will work for your individual situation. Unexpected financial hardship can happen to anyone, so a loan with low interest and relief options is always best.

Final Considerations

Whatever changes you choose to make, big or small, just make sure they work for your budget and will add value and hold up over time. Furthermore, if you do take on major renovations, there are some additional things to consider, such as how involved you want to be in the project or if you want the upgrades to be handled entirely by a professional. You should additionally keep in mind that some renovations make it difficult to move about your home, so you may need to find a temporary place to stay until everything is completed.

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