Differences Between Modular, Manufactured, And Mobile Homes

Advancements in construction technology have given people more options when it comes to personalizing the perfect home. Buying a house is easier than ever before, thanks to a multitude of helpful guides, videos, and online tips that make sure you’re buying smart.

However, not everyone understands the first step of home buying: choosing a type of home. The differences between modular, manufactured, and mobile homes vary widely and greatly influence construction.

Manufactured Homes

Both modular and manufactured homes are considered prefabricated homes. This means they are built at a factory and brought to the home site. A manufactured home’s main feature is that it is built to meet construction codes from Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In addition, manufactured homes aren’t built in pieces like a modular home; they are built complete and in one piece, making their structure less customizable but more affordable.

Modular Homes

While modular and manufactured homes look quite similar, their main difference is the codes they are built to meet. In addition, all modular homes are made within the safety requirements of your locale and require a permanent foundation system.

Modular homes are also built inside a large facility and brought directly to the construction site; however, they are built in pieces to add variation to the structure. They also have construction differences that require extra lumber and materials and slight differences in their electrical and HVAC systems. This makes it all the more critical that you understand whether a home is modular or not, as you may be paying more for certain structuring.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes (in the form of prefabricated and transportable homes that were popular in 1976) no longer exist, as they do not meet the HUD’s safety standards. So, if you’re on the market, it is important to understand that a mobile home cannot be resold with HUD approval, regardless of safety upgrades.

Knowing the differences between modular, manufactured, and mobile homes will help you house hunt like a professional. Don’t be afraid to ask a realtor about the construction of a home—if you ever plan on reselling, it can save you a serious headache.

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