Winnipeg Luxury Condos Offer Fantastic City Views

Luxury Condos in Winnipeg: Room with a View

.Luxury Condo View

Many people don’t realize, or appreciate, just how ‘green’ Winnipeg is.  You have to go up high to really take in an overall view of our beautiful city.  Such a view can be afforded by a number of high-rise, luxury condos currently on the market in Winnipeg.

Wellington Crescent Condo Living

Currently there are over 20 condos available on Wellington Cr alone, many in the 250K to 400K range.  Check out the view from the balcony of one of those units in this panorama picture

Wellington Cr. Luxury


Many Luxury Condos available in Winnipeg

Currently, there are over 160 condos for sale in the ‘250K and up’ price range, all the way up to a stunning unit at $3.3 million.  But you dont have to be a millionaire to enjoy a view like this: There are several luxury condos in the $350K range that will leave you breathless.


If you’re in the market for a luxury condo in Winnipeg, call me anytime….


Bo (Condo Prince?) Kauffmann  at  (204) 333-2202


Wellington Cr motion

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