5 Steps in increasing the value of your home


5 quick steps to increasing value of your property

Modern bedroom interiorIf you are thinking about selling your home, then you will be looking to get as much as you can for your property. You may be looking to make a quick sale. Do you have your eyes set on a more expensive house with a built in pool? Or, perhaps you are looking to gain some saving money for retirement. Either way, there are easy ways to increase the perceived value of your home without spending a lot of pennies. Just follow these steps and you will be amazed how much people are willing to pay for your property.

Do It Yourself

The first step you want to take is a little home improvement. Obviously, you do not want to go overboard but anything that you notice needs fixing, fix it. If you can. We are not suggesting you do the bigger jobs. For example, there is no reason for you to be fiddling around on the roof. We are talking about chipped wood surfaces and damp walls patches. Find the problems and sort them out.

Bigger on the inside

Notice the doctor who pun? It is not that far from the truth because the next step is selecting the furniture you keep out carefully. You want your house to feel lived in yet look spacious. How do you do this? You cut down on the clutter. For example, while your bedroom may look comfy and cosy with that sofa, it is taking up unnecessary space. You should have a bed in your bedroom, some chest of draws and possibly a desk. However, if you have a study put the desk in that workspace. It is all about creating the image of somewhere a buyer would like to live. Avoid having more furniture than you need in each room.

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Small improvements

Improvements do not always have to be expensive. You can make small changes to your home and increase your house value easily. For example, accessories like kitchen taps can be replaced cheaply. There are a wide ranges of choices available. This is also a good option if your taps look worn or dirty. You can look at replacing smaller furniture like a coffee table. It will come with you when you move so you are not wasting money. But while it is in the house it will add to the look and feel of your home.

Spick and Span

Now, we are getting to the easier things. You need to clean your home before it is viewed. Make sure everything is tidy and those DVDs are not left lying around. You want to vacuum and polish. Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms glisten. However, do this a few days before your first viewing so that bleach after smell is not present.

Looks great, smells great

Finally, this may sound silly but you should make your house smell nice. You can do this by putting some flowers in a few rooms or leaving some freshly baked goods in the kitchen. If you are in during the viewing, offer them to the potential buyers and if not leave a note. You may also think about brewing some coffee. All this will make your house have a pleasant scent and allow buyers to feel like they already lived there. It is a subtle technique, but it has a powerful effect. If you follow these steps, you could see your house increase in value by up to twenty-five percent!

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