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Free Winnipeg Home Buyer Webinar

Home Buyer Webinar – Winnipeg Buyers Online Seminar – Bo Kauffmann REMAX

2 Webinars every week.   Thursdays & Sundays

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Home Buyer Webinar – A seminar from the comfort of your own home

If you are thinking of buying a home in 2017, attending a Home Buying Seminar is a great way to start.  Home Buying Seminars can be GREAT.  Filled with valuable FREE information on the home buying process in the current market conditions.

But who wants to spend the time getting dressed, fighting traffic and then sitting in a stuffy real estate office or bank, being ‘pitched to’ by a pushy sales rep.

So I came up with a better way!  An online Home Buyer WEBINAR.  Same great info (BETTER, in fact) but all from the comfort of your home.  No driving, no pushy sales presentation, just great info.

In this home buyer webinar, I will cover and explain:

  • The overall home buying process
  • The different mortgage options, their benefits and drawbacks
  • How to write a winning offer
  • The current market conditions
  • Special Offer for YOU

Whether you are looking to buy a house or a condo, whether you are:

  • A first time home buyer looking to leave the nest
  • Tired of paying your landlord
  • Living in a large home and looking to downsize
  • A home owner who has outgrown his current home and needs to move up

…this webinar is for you.  Super easy to take part, from the comfort of your couch, office or on your mobile device.  Lots of Q&A thruout.

In fact, we will have a webinar coming up shortly, just click this link to reserver your spot.

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