Staging Your Home Exterior In The Fall Season - Tips From The Pros

Staging Your Home Exterior In The Fall Season – Tips From The Pros

Tips from professionals - how to stage your home exterior

Upcoming season may be the best time for selling a house. If your decision is final, you should engage in staging your home for viewing. Since the fall season is rich in warm colours, you should try to facelift your house the way it blends with surroundings. Of course, the best place to start is the exterior, and the tips below may be very useful. Keep reading and find out the best ways of staging your home exterior in no time.

Contact your agent

Before you start working on landscaping, make sure to call your real estate agent to check if it is a good time to sell the property. You don't want to invest large amount of money if the upcoming real estate trends are not that good.

contact your agent

By skipping this step, you will get yourself in a position to spend a lot of resources, and by the time market recovers, you will need to put some extra cash and effort in order to stage the home properly. Talk to your agent about the market and ask them everything you want to know and make the final decision once you've gathered enough relevant information.

Start with cleaning

Staging Your Home Exterior In The Fall Season - Tips From The Pros home exterior

The fall is a beautiful time of year, but as you know, there are fallen leaves everywhere, so before you do anything else, make sure to clean up your yard. After you take care of dead foliage, direct your attention to windows and give them a thorough scrub. Do the same with your front porch, and if you want, go ahead and paint your front door since that's the first place potential buyers will see. In case your door is old and needs replacement, go with the new one and make sure it's painted in warm autumn colors.

Continue with trimming the bushes and shrubs. Get rid of the weeds and pull out all dead flowers. Don't leave that space empty. Go ahead and purchase some late blooming flowers such as Orpine Purple Emperor, Michaelmas daisies, or Coneflower Goldsturm. Their beautiful colors will liven up your garden and make the whole landscape much more appealing. At the end, clean the gutters as well, so your house will be ready for the rainy season.

Refurbish the deck

Staging Your Home Exterior In The Fall Season - Tips From The Pros home exterior

Your next stop in staging the interior should be the deck. Start with some cleaning and, if needed, painting, and then continue with decorating. This part of the house will be the place where new owners will come to relax and spend time with their loved ones. Put a vase full of autumn flowers on the table, and arrange some pillows all over the place. This move will make the whole deck cozy and intimate.

Home Exterior

Home Exterior includes the patio or deck

Keep in mind that you will need to invest some money if you want to stage the deck properly. Go ahead and purchase an affordable OZTech retractable pergola, so potential buyers can see they will remain dry if sudden rain starts. Pergola or baldachin is a great choice which can come in handy during sunny days as well, so don't hesitate and install one as soon as you can.

Work on season decorations

Selling the house in the fall may be the best opportunity for staging since there are plenty ways of decorating for upcoming holidays. Of course, your first pick should be a pumpkin. A lot of pumpkins. Get creative and carve those orange squash plants in any way you prefer. You may also paint them in white and write down your home's number. That simple trick will attract a lot of attention and may be the detail that closed the deal.

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Staging Your Home Exterior In The Fall Season - Tips From The Pros home exterior

Your Home Exterior is the first thing buyers will see

Try not to concentrate on a particular holiday. Decorate your porch and front door the way it can last until Thanksgiving. Besides pumpkins, use some scary toys and candles, so you can get ready for Halloween. Play with flowers and scatter them all around the door and front walls. You may design a beautiful fall wreath as well. Make sure to use earthy tones so your exterior can blend in with the environment.

Once you're done with staging the home exterior, get inside and continue with redecorating and cleaning. The fall might be the best time for selling the house, but as you can see, it comes with its challenges. You don't need to worry about those if you do everything properly.

Staging Your Home Exterior In The Fall Season - Tips From The Pros home exterior

Don't forget to do a market analysis before sticking the sale sign in front of your property. If the market is healthy, roll up your sleeves and start working on the embellishment of your house and its surroundings. If planned good, your effort will repay and you'll sell your home in no time. Until then, enjoy the following holidays and fruits of the fall.

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