Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: Opportunities Skilled Immigrants

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: Opportunities For Skilled Immigrants

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program attracts skilled and entrepreneurial immigrants

Moving to a new place can be a daunting task.  In fact, it is so daunting that a huge percentage of people who want to move won't ever do so. However, there is a huge difference between moving to seek asylum and legally immigrating. For the former, the choice of places to go is limited. Legal immigrants have a much wider target area to move to. Of them all, Manitoba is one of the absolute best places to choose to settle in, and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is here to help.

So, Why Manitoba?

For starters, there is a bustling economy in the province. Take Winnipeg, for example – it is an amazing place to work, live or study. And that is just the icing on the cake.


A vast area of the Prairie Province has untouched natural beauty. It is the home of the polar bear and the Beluga Whale, countless sprawling elegant urban and suburban centers and some of the most friendly and hospitable people in Canada – and the whole planet.

It is located between the Ontario and Saskatchewan provinces, and is considered as the best gateway to Western Canada.

If you are planning to immigrate into a new country, you may want to go to a place where there are opportunities galore – and Manitoba is an excellent place to start the search. You want somewhere you can start life afresh with some ease, and have better odds at making it without too much trouble. At the end of the day, you'll want to go somewhere you will look back one day and smile at the decisions to move there.

Are you planning on settling on a new country? Do you meet the required job requirements? Manitoba, Canada can be among you selected places to consider. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNM) selects business immigrants with regards to the Manitoba procedure. The criterion is in line with the formulated acts, agreements and laws for protection of the refugees and immigrants. Here is an excellent resource to help in choosing where to stay in Manitoba.

When does the service begin?

The service begins right after you applying for the Manitoba program. There's a short screening in order to select the prospective immigrants who qualify for the program. The system redirects you to fill in your profile in order to submit a complete application. You will also be required to send in supporting documents for verification and also to help in making the recruiting procedure run smoothly.

Selection Process

Our program has two different selection process which includes skilled workers and entrepreneurs' process. Please note that the all applicants who are approved by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program automatically become a provincial nominee.

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Before everything, you must first pass the medical and security checks, and be a real economic immigrant. Investors and Self Employed individuals may also be considered, using a point-ranking system.

You will then be required to apply for citizenship and certificate of immigration to Canada get a Permanent Residence visa. It's only the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) who can give the final authorization to become a permanent resident.

Not sure if you are eligible? Read more about the eligibility criteria for overseas applicants. Please note that this is for skilled workers.

The Canadian Immigration Program – An added Advantage

It would be extremely beneficial for you as a newcomer to take advantage of the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program, which offers pre-arrival services to help you in planning and preparing of resources. The orientation process will be useful in understanding what to expect in the labor market, and whom to contact in case of challenges.

Arrival & “Manitoba Start”

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Once everything is set, there are a just few more boxes to check.

As an economic immigrant, there are excellent support services to help you get started and be integrated into the society with as much ease as possible. This support is called Manitoba Start, and deals with registration, employment and referrals of immigrants who have just arrived. For skilled professionals, this is the best place to start looking for referrals and future employers. Manitoba Start has a large network of employers, especially around Winnipeg, who can help with job placements.

As you can see, you will be required to register with Manitoba Start.

From here you will be referred to the right labor market, adult language training or other services to help you integrate well with the society.

Manitoba Start also offers a program called Diversity and Intercultural Training to the new Manitobans to help the cope with the culture change and cope better with the culture shock.

Who Can Be Selected for Permanent Employment in Manitoba?

Skilled workers who can contribute to long term economic progress of Manitoba labor markets are favoured. In addition, those who show true intentions of wanting to settle in the country are also chosen for long term employment. As a skilled worker you can apply for visa using two methods.

  1. As an applicant who works at Manitoba currently.
  2. As an applicant who is overseas.

However, applicants who are overseas need to show that they can move and settle in Manitoba. They need to demonstrate that they are serious about it. To do this, you may draw up a sufficient and viable settlement plan, independent financier or possess strong connection to someone or a company based in the region. Moreover, you must meet the required age bracket, education, work experience, languages and training.

Individuals who are interested in moving to Manitoba can visit our official website on Find out our selection criteria and if you feel you meet the requirement, log in and apply for the program.

Employment referrals

You will be referred to an immigrant employment counselor by the Manitoba Start and the Service Hub. Your counselor will assess your situation upon your arrival, receive guidance qualification recognition, equip you with job search techniques and strategies, and offer general guidance on career plan.

The site is quite resourceful and interactive, so you may search for options that are unique to you. For instance, if you are a physician or medical professional, you could just search for opportunities that are currently available in the region.

Language and training

You may also want to enhance your English speaking language skills, if you are not a native speaker. The good thing about these lessons is that they are offered in flexible timelines, so that they do not interfere with your work schedule. There are diverse delivery methods making it easy for non-native speakers to learn the language fast.

Why English classes? Well, some English or French will go a long way in helping the help the immigrant to adapt and progress in their new environment. Communication is essential for integrating into the community and making friends. Moreover, it is much easier to enter the labor market and advance career-wise if you can communicate effectively within the workplace.

Most adult training centres have a number of proficiency levels ranging from beginner to advanced level. There are more specialized programs which will allow you to meet the requirements of your employer, other professionals or academics. If English therefore isn't your first language you need not to worry, you can enrol for classes and be at par with your peers.

The easiest online English Language (or any other international language) training program is Duolingo. It is free and interactive. If you would like a more personalized approach with a tutor, you may consider enrolling in local classes, or get into one when you arrive at Manitoba.

Questions about the application of the program?

In case you have questions during the application process, you can visit or you may opt to visit their offices which are based on 213 Notre Dame Avenue, seventh floor. MPNP has all the answers for you about your immigration and they are there for you to provide you with reliable, sufficient and accurate information.

Anything Else?

There are both online and offline help to make the application process easy. has all the online information needed. The system will offer you step by step guidance to help you fill and complete you application process. For offline help you can visit their offices on Thursdays. Book an appointed by registering with your phone using +204-945-2806.

Create a Viable Business Plan

Selection of entrepreneurs is based on the business plan with meets the current requirements. All applications sent in by the business immigrants must be assessed by the Business Immigration and Investment Branch staffs.

Who sets the annual levels?

The list of successful nominees both the entrepreneurs and skilled workers are submit to the Centralized Intake Office with regards to the stated figure given by the annual federal government plan. There are limited numbers of certificates of nomination issued every year therefore; Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program selects the only eligible candidates who meet their criteria after being nominated.

Every successful provincial nominees are required to submit a long term or permanent visa application to the Centralized Intake Office. Once you're issued with the visa you will now be the new Manitoban and you can now move to the Manitoba province either as an entrepreneur or as a skilled worker. You can start business or get employed depending on your nomination terms.

Here are some useful Department of Labor contacts for entrepreneurs.

Sponsors and Refugees

Sponsors based in Canada are only allowed on some specific basis. For instance spouses who have been a relationship for more than two years, and blood relatives can be allowed to bring someone “on board.” The only thing needed for this to be possible is the proof that the sponsor is financially stable and able to provide for the immigrant for at least two years, before the latter gets a permanent residence visa.

For refugees, the process of being getting a visa is a bit complicated unlike the person applying for entrepreneurship. The person who claims to be a refugee should be living outside their country and are at risk of prosecution based on racism, gender, nationality or some international ethical hot-button issues. The refugees are accepted into Canada upon approval by known organizations or private sponsors and are protected by the Canadian government.

Are Students Accepted?

Yes we do allow students in our province where they get high quality education which is recognized worldwide. Our cost of living is not high, and any student willing to apply for the scholarship can easily afford living here. As a student you can opt to study with or without study permit or choose to be working on a part time basis. Meanwhile before applying for a dream course you may take another course and from that, you can apply for a study permit.

The good thing about studying in Manitoba is that after graduation you can easily land into a good job guaranteed for three years and even becoming a Canadian citizen.

For postgraduates around the world, you may also choose to make Manitoba your new home. To do that, you will need a postgraduate work permit in the region.


Denial of Visa

There are a number of cases where an individual can be denied a visa by the government. A few cases include:

-medical issues

-criminal cases

-Application refusal

-Temporary resident permit


For quite a long time it has not been easy to get a Canadian visa due to so many legal specifications that have to be met first.

Housing in Manitoba

One of the greatest investments in Manitoba is to build a home, since the government offers support. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers advice to those anyone willing to buy a house. On the other hand mortgage loans are offered for the renovation services, maintenance and even adapting to a new home.  If you're looking to purchase a home in Winnipeg (to further establish roots in this great city) contact a licensed Real Estate Expert, Bo Kauffmann of REMAX performance realty.   Contact him here!

For someone who is moving to Manitoba for the first time CMHC extends their services to identify a suitable city to live, rent or buy a house and even in maintaining the home.

About Health

It is always advisable for anyone to have a medical cover for themselves and for their children's' benefit. The insurance comes in two categories, one is for the employed individuals and for the patients who are unable to work. The applications should be done within a span of four weeks not necessarily having a Record of Employment (ROE) after employment or else there is the possibility of missing the chance. It is a very simple process done online and within one minute the whole process is ready and can be submitted instantly.

For any skilled immigrants, looking for opportunities in Canada, our Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is here to help.

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