What Do Home Buyers Desire In A Bathroom


What do buyers want in a ?

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However, the quality of our bathrooms is sometimes lacking. It would seem like a bit of a shame to do a full on renovation just at the point when you’re about to leave. You could have spent the money on yourself.

Instead, you can think of ways to capitalize on what you have on a budget. That way you both improve the appearance of your , without destroying your net worth in the process. So shall we begin?

Add Seating

Most bathrooms aren’t particularly spacious, so you might struggle to do this. But spacious bathrooms can often feel too vast if they’re not broken up a little.

That’s why having some seating in the is a good idea. Something like a stool or an ottoman placed next to the bath can make a large more approachable. It’s also something useful if people just want to sit down. And finally, it’s a little unusual and will make their experience of your stand out above any other bathrooms they’ve seen.



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Many bathrooms are cluttered by ugly plastic bottles with branding plastered all over them. Think about the shampoo, shower gel, shaving foam and the rest of it littering your right now.

Put this away in the cabinet, and leave on show beautiful accessories. Perhaps you have an attractive soap bowl you could leave next to the sink.

The idea should be to strategically place these items around the room. Having beautiful accessories will add a luxury feel to your . ย 

Group objects together, observing the rule of three. And vary the heights and depth of items, to give it that salon feel.


Remove Lino

Nothing screams cheap, unattractive more than linoleum. Choose instead a beautiful bathroom floor tile that complements the room. floor tiles usually only take a day or so to install, so they labor costs are not high. And you can pick up beautiful tiles for any type of room.

What buyers look for in a bathroom
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If you have gone for a granite effect on the walls, you could choose a dark, slate gray tile. Or perhaps your is characterised by warm, light colours. Here you could use tiles to add a little colour and contrast.

Clean Up

Having countertops in your that are cluttered with all your stuff is not an attractive proposition for buyers. Instead, clean all this away and show off any beautiful countertops that you might have in your .

You want to create a sense that your is a blank canvas with which they can do what they want. That means accessorizing with stylish, but neutral items. And it means getting rid of all your personal items that might otherwise put them off.

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