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.Check out Winnipegs Real Estate Podcast and Blog landscaping materials

Interested in real estate issues, market updates and tips for home buyers, sellers or owners?  Check out Winnipeg’s Real Estate Podcast on I-Tunes.  It was the first real estate podcast in Winnipeg, and with over 100 episodes, remains the largest video site about this topic.  You can access the Podcast in a number of different ways:

Winnipeg’s Real Estate Podcast on I-Tunes

If you have I-Tunes installed, you can access it by clicking on I-Tunes.

On your PC or Mac desktop of laptop

You can access Winnipeg’s Real Estate Podcast by going here.

On Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog

By going to Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog, you can catch all episodes in chronological order as well.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a property in Winnipeg, whether a house or a condo, call me anytime…..I love to help!

Bo Kauffmann  (204) 333-2202  or email me at [email protected]


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