How A Successful Home Stager Can Help Sell Your Home

How a successful home stager can help sell your home

Traits of a successful home stager


How a successful home stager can help sell your home

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Today's challenging real estate market makes a successful and effective home stager critically important. One highly effective sales tactic in the Manhattan real estate market is to have a property staged appealingly for a gala party that many other real estate companies are invited to. In this way, the “word” gets out about the property and many more potential buyers are contacted about its availability. But it takes a successful home stager to set up something so elegant and detailed as a gala.

Below is a list of traits that certainly help differentiate a successful home stager from one that may not be ready for such a task.

Imagery is Everything

The way a property is initially presented will have a lasting impact on potential buyers. The image of a property and the feel of the space will impact buyers immediately. If a property does not feel good or look appealing, a buyer will be quickly turned off. A successful home stage will know how to appropriately capitalize on creating an appealing, warm and interesting presentation for a home.



A successful home stager in the Manhattan real estate market will be quite curious about the property. There are an enormous number of variations of living spaces in Manhattan. Some properties offer roof top gardens, swimming pools and doormen. The varieties and histories of the various properties are endless. A good home stager will take the unique aspects of the property into account as he or she prepares it to be shown.



Of course, a successful home stage must be very professional. There are often difficulties in preparing a property for the initial showing to other brokers and potential buyers. A home stager who loses his or her cool, or who is difficult to work with, will make the process much less enjoyable and less successful. An effective home stager will know how to get things done in an efficient manner, without impeding cooperative working relationships among all of the interested parties.


Sustainable Efforts and Rewards

A good home staging will yield great rewards. For example, if a home stager is being asked to prepare a home to be shown to a young couple with a baby on the way, landscaping the yard and baking chocolate chip cookies in the oven during the time of the showing will lend a sense of comfort and a feeling of home to the prospective couple. These staging techniques are affordable, sustainable and may generate quick and lucrative rewards.

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A great home stager will also display ample amounts of resourcefulness. Many upscale homes will have a certain flare or flavor. Capitalizing on that initial style with additional appropriately matched unique pieces of furniture and artwork may increase the offer on a property by several thousand dollars. The “feel” of a home that is shown to a potential buyer will either pique a buyer's interest or diminish it. The resourcefulness of a home stager, in acquiring and setting the stage for a successful showing with beautiful decor, can go a long way towards obtaining a lucrative offer on a property in the Manhattan real estate market.

A successful home stager will demonstrate a number of important traits when he or she is preparing a property to be shown to prospective buyers. A great home stager will be professional, resourceful and curious. He or she will also be aware that the image and context within which the buyer sees the property is critically important to the buying process. An effective home stager will also make a sustainable effort towards keeping the property in top showing condition, in order to generate lucrative financial rewards for all involved parties.


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How a successful home stager can help sell your homeHow a successful home stager can help sell your homeHow a successful home stager can help sell your home

How a successful home stager can help sell your home

How a successful home stager can help sell your homeAbout the Publisher

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