5 Tips to hold your best Open House ever


Tips for a great Open House

The success of open houses can really depend on a number of things. Some things we simply have zero control over, such as weather patterns, current market conditions and traffic, but others are easier to deal with so we can make our home better. If the previous owners have taken the time to declutter and improve the curb appeal of your current home, then you will have a far easier time dealing with the following tips:

Spicing up your curb appeal


You can start working on the outside of your home as soon as you gain ownership of it. You need to check and see whether there is any debris, branches and garbage in general around the property. Making sure you clean up your garden and landscape as well as any other areas around the outside and inside of your home will not only improve its curb appeal, but it will also ensure you can enjoy the property.

Checking for unpleasant odors

The human sense of smell is closely tied to memory forming and recalling, whether they are good or bad memories, so you will need to ensure you neutralize and eliminate any unpleasant and unwelcome odours before you decide to open your house. If you have any pets around your home, then you should also ensure you infuse the air with a nice scent instead. You can do this fairly simply, such as baking some cookies to bring out a nice scent in the air and allow your guests to enjoy it. You can also light a scented candle to bring out the best of your home, something to create a pleasant scent that makes things easier to remember. You need to make sure you eliminate any heavy smells such as air deodorizers and heavy perfumes as they may make people think youโ€™re trying to mask some unpleasant odour underneath.

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Entry space importance

You need to make sure you have all your clothes and shoes out of the entry way, as they will only get in the way whenever visitors come inside your home. Check for any smudges or prints on your mirrors, as well as your light switches and door knobs. Remove them and make sure you have any clothes that are out of season away from your place and tucked away out of sight.

Creating open sight lines

You need to consider which rooms you want seen from your entryway. If you can remove any items that are in the way, you should do so to improve things greatly. You also need to make sure you have all your windows cleaned and clear so they can let in as much natural light as possible.

Maximizing space in your kitchen

Make sure you have all your counter space cleaned and clear from any obstructing items that are not supposed to be there. Get rid of all your garbage and free up as much space as possible to allow the room to shine.

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Kauffmann130820_0007Bonus Tip – Advertise!

Unless you really only want your neighbours to come and see the house, Advertise It. Using an experienced Real Estate Agent who is committed to marketing your property is a good start. Talk to your agent before you hire them: Will they properly advertise the open house, or just rely on balloons and signs the day of the event? Making sure your Open House is advertised in local papers and on the internet, well in advance of the event, will help to drive interested buyers to your home!

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