Winnipeg Real Estate Roundtable


With the threat of coronavirus, real-life OPEN HOUSES are discouraged.  So we will be having online, real estate discussions to answer questions from Winnipeg home and condo buyers and sellers.


Real Estate Q&A
Real Estate Q&A

Buying a home involves a number of experts.  In addition to your real estate agent, buyers will need a lawyer, mortgage expert, home insurance company, life insurance (recommended) home inspector (recommended) and others.

Live Real Estate Q&A online

Each 1 hour session is divided into 2 main focus topics of discussion:  one for buyers and one for sellers

1:00 PM:       Main focus on Home Buying in Winnipeg

1:30 PM:       Main focus on Home Selling in Winnipeg


Guest-Hosts on March 29th include:

  • Sandi Huynen & Mike Cabral of Dominion Lending (Mortgages)

  • Rene Rheault of A Buyers Choice Home Inspections

  • Brad McClelland of McRoberts Law Office

  • Thomas Johnson of Cascade Financial (Life Ins. and Investments)



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