The Story of Houzz – The Home Design Platform – Infographic


The Story of Houzz - The Home Design Platform - Infographic


The Story of Houzz

Houzz is a platform that brings home design enthusiasts together. It is home to 40 million users, all with a passion for home design. It was founded in February 2009 by husband and wife team Alon Cohen and Adi Tatarko.

They founded the business when they had difficulty finding inspiration remodeling their own home. They realized there was nowhere to go for design ideas so they created a place to go themselves. The duo was clever enough to create what they felt the home improvement market was lacking.

Houzzโ€™s main market is in the United States (55%) but other markets are also growing. Many people realized the potential of Houzz and they raised nearly $45 million in financing to help grow the business. The platform is also popular in the UK and Australia but markets in Germany, France, and Japan have also seen growth.

Houzz continues to improve their business and the capabilities of the platform keep on improving. It is now possible to have what you see in other peopleโ€™s homes with one click of a button. Some of the biggest news websites in the world, including CNN and Forbes, have written articles about the growth of Houzz and many saw it as a game changer in the industry.

The Houzz app recently won the best app award at the Google Play Awards which again demonstrates how hard the Houzz team is working to stay at the top of the game. Even though they are probably the biggest home improvement website in the world, they are still working hard to ensure every part of Houzz machine is running as effectively as possible.

Check out this infographic from Half Price for more information on the growth of Houzz around the world. We hope you find it interesting. Do you find Houzz useful?

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