Social Poll: Should Canada Adopt A 2-tier Health Care System

Should we adopt a 2-tier system?

With “hallway medicine” still an issue, and governments unable to shorten waiting-list times, some Canadians are choosing to go to other countries for their medical needs.  Is it time to allow a 2-tier system, thereby keeping Canadians (and their money) in Canada?  What are your thoughts?

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We need to stop being such babies, running to the doctor every time we sneeze.

Lorne How …yes good point. But dont you think it might attract doctors from other countries, if we paid them what they are really worth?

Depending on the pay structure, it could create a problem to the existing system. We are already short of docs.

Aidan Dare on Facebook


sure then its pay or die or pay and end up homeless

Darlene Prince on Facebook


We already have a multi-tiered system, evidenced by those of us who seek alternative solutions such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, chiropractic beyond MHSC coverage, massage therapy, physiotherapy++++. Who are we kidding people?

We already have a two tier system !! Wake up people !!

Dan Lane on Facebook


I think they should adopt a 2 tier system. No one is saying that the existing system would change. Free health care is one of the major reasons people come to Canada, but I think there should be a pay for service option.”Read more…”

I agree, Mukesh. The debate is NOT about scrapping the current system but ADDING another level. It may attract some good doctors as well.

The money would go into the doctor’s pockets and not into the healthcare system, I can see that coming.

Brian , the money should go into the Dr’s pocket.
Under paid occupation

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