Selling Your House Or Condo? 8 Truths Home Stagers Know

Selling your house or condo? 8 truths home stagers know

8 things Home Stagers know


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Have you noticed that home stagers are becoming more popular?  More people are hiring them when they want to get a really good price for their house or condo.  The reason is because home stagers know what buyers want and they can help you pay attention to the details of your home so that buyers will fall in love with it.

Here are some of the things that home stagers know:

1.     Buyers fall in love with their first impressions. If the front of your house looks great you have likely seen people drive by over and over again when there is a “For sale” sign in front of the house.  They finally come to see the inside for themselves because they've fallen in love with the outside.  If you see people drive by once and then never see them again, you know that the front of your house needs some work.  Water and mow the grass regularly, add some potted plants or some flowers, clean the driveway – you'll find these small details can make a big difference.

2.     Buyers want to feel like they could move in immediately. Wild or overly bright paint colors do not appeal to everyone.  You may love the zebra border along the top of the walls but it is not everyone's taste so get rid of it.  Paint the walls a neutral color that most people could live with.

3.     Buyers love light. If the walls are too dark the room will feel cave-like to most people so make sure walls are painted a light color.  Also, replace heavy drapes with lighter sheers and raise the blinds to let in the daylight.

4.     Buyers feel better about a home that not only looks clean but smells clean. Make sure that you keep the house clean, as if the Queen of England could be dropping by at any minute.  Remember that people will be looking in cupboards and closets so these should be clean, too.  And above all, it should smell clean.  If the place smells clean, people tend to believe that it is cleaner than appearances suggest.

5.     Buyers do not like clutter. Clutter can make the largest of homes seem small so before you start showing your home it might be a good idea to store larger furniture and pack away collectibles and other personal items like trophies.  The more counter space they see, the bigger the house seems to them.

6.     Buyers like to see newer furnishings. If your furnishings are older consider storing your furniture and renting newer pieces while the house is showing.  Newer furniture reflects better on the home and appeal to more buyers.

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7.     Buyers like to see what the house looks like with art on the walls. If you don't already have artwork that has a general appeal or you don't have any artwork consider renting or buying some contemporary pieces.

8.     Buyers don't want to think about replacing fixtures. If your lights, cabinet pulls and other things are outdated, replacing them can be an inexpensive way of giving a room a fresh and updated look.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, take some of the tips from home stagers.  It will likely mean more money in your pocket in the end.

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