Modernize Your Home With Cantilevered Stairs


With the sense of mystery as they look like they are floating in space, cantilevered stairs with their structural support system are rather good at creating that illusionary look in your home. While they are easier to install with a new home construction, you can get them installed during a home remodel, if youโ€™re willing to put in a little extra effort.

Modernize Your Home With Cantilevered Stairs cantilevered stairsThe idea of cantilevered stairs is new and modern. Further, these stairs add to your homeโ€™s style and elegance with pure simplicity. The new look of your home depends on how you plan your new stairway, the materials you choose and how that complement it.

Here are some tips to give your home a modern look with stylish cantilevered stairs.

Locate Your Stairs Wisely

While you should obviously install your floating stairs along a wall of your home, which wall do you choose? The place you choose can have either a dramatic effect or can detract from the overall elegance that these stairs can impart. Therefore, depending on your living space, the way you locate your stairs can make all the difference.

If you have a feature wall, cantilevering wooden steps can look amazingly elegant. In case the space is limited in your home these beautiful cantilevered stairs which that appear to be floating down from the roof can solve the purpose and have a stunning effect. Choose from regular cantilevered steps that are anchored to one side of the wall, or opt for folded stairs that are connected to each other with a ribbon.

The great part about these stairs is that they can be used outdoors. For example, consider using these stairs as a transition between your porch and garden or home and porch. Install concrete cantilevered stairs in cast in place concrete wall and let them float above your wooden deck.

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Choose the Right Material

Modernize Your Home With Cantilevered Stairs cantilevered stairsWhen you speak about cantilevered stairs, the first thing that probably pops into your mind may be wooden steps. And rightly so! Wooden steps are amongst the most commonly chosen options for floating stairs, but other materials have recently been giving wood a run for its money. Stainless steel ribbon stairs and t-shaped treads are currently in vogue. Additionally, glass treads are also gaining popularity. This toughened glass, when paired off with airy glass balustrades, creates an unmatched stunning effect.

Choose Balustrades Appropriately

While glass balustrades are often used with cantilevered stairs, it is not uncommon for many home owners to use stainless steel or wood either on their own or along with glass for an added effect. Choose your balustrades with care as these can either highlight your stairway or make it look like a cluttered mess all thrown in together as if at random!

A simple wooden cantilevered stair way with balustrades lends an appearance of sophistication and elegance to even a rather small space. On the other hand, glass balustrades combined with the floating appearance of your stairs can add to the light and freshness of your room. For a more rustic look, pair off your floating stairs with flagstones or an exposed stringer. For a hint of added style, choose to use independent treads that look stunningly beautiful.

Plan your home construction or renovation wisely and you will be amazed at how great your home looks with the installation of cantilevered stairs. A modern appearance for your home takes a little creativity, but the result is worth the effort and time when you use your creativity to plan the perfect installation of indoor or outdoor floating stairs that add finesse to your home.

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