Transforming Your 'Tweens Bedroom With Colours And Patterns

Transforming your ‘Tweens Bedroom With Colours And Patterns

Room of the Day: Colour and Pattern Transform Tweens’ Bedroom

One of the problems many families face are the bedrooms their children occupy – and if they are between 10 and 12, the problems are even larger! Tweens have a gift for collecting more things than they could possibly need, which is why organizing their bedrooms and redecorating them is a constant struggle. Once children reach a certain age, the bedroom becomes too small and overstuffed, so something needs to be done as soon as possible. If you want to redecorate a tweens bedroom, here are a few tricks that might help you.

Transforming your 'Tweens Bedroom With Colours And Patterns Tweens BedroomWhere to Start?

A room occupied by tweens – no matter if they are boys or girls – is usually packed with all sorts of stuff: clothes, books, school supplies and toys are among the items you could find here. Therefore, storage is one of the major problems you'll need to address, but don't forget sleeping and studying areas, too.

First, declutter the room. There'll surely be tons of things that could be donated or thrown away, and taking them out will leave you with lots of new and unoccupied space. Decluttering a room isn't that hard, no matter how tricky it seems at first, but once you're done with it, the real work can start.

Transforming your 'Tweens Bedroom With Colours And Patterns Tweens BedroomHow to Pick Proper Colors?

Once your tweens bedroom is clean and decluttered, move onto the walls. Repainting them will take only a day or two, but the effects of this makeover are going to last for the years to come. When picking the tone, take lighting into consideration: rooms with large windows have lots of natural light, so their walls can be a bit darker than usual. If you don't get the shade right straight away, don't worry too much – you can always repeat this step until your tween's happy with the results.

When it comes to choosing specific colors, tweens have a taste like nobody else! Some of them want eclectic colors and different shades of purple, red or orange, while the others usually opt for earth tones that calm them down and provide comfort. It's all about their personality, actually – more peaceful teens wish to relax and chill in their bedroom, while those with more spirit look for a place where they could be wild.

Transforming your 'Tweens Bedroom With Colours And Patterns Tweens BedroomHow to Pick Proper Patterns?

Once you take care of the walls, it's time to move onto the furniture – the beds, desks, cabinets, closets, drapes and rugs are some of the things you need to think about. Nevertheless, it's not just about the color any more, but about the patterns as well. All of these have their own textures, patterns and decorations that need to be blended into one composition if you want your tweens bedroom to look harmonious.

Transforming your 'Tweens Bedroom With Colours And Patterns Tweens BedroomProbably the easiest way to go is to pick the rug pattern first – since it connects the walls, the floor and the furniture, it has to agree with all individual pieces. Luckily, you can find lots of quite cheap rugs online right now and the patterns they offer will most probably astonish you: their dots, lines and abstract shapes will provide a great foundation for the rest of the decorating work. Now you can combine them with curtains, drapes and other pieces of furniture that come with their own patterns.

Transforming your 'Tweens Bedroom With Colours And Patterns Tweens BedroomComplete Transformation of your tweens bedroom

After settling on the wall colour and the pattern of the furniture, everything else is easy – just add a handful of decorations here and there, hang a few pictures or display some memorabilia on the dressers, and you're done. Now, your tween will love their bedroom even more!

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