6 Reasons To Buy A Condo In Downtown Winnipeg

6 reasons to buy a condo in downtown Winnipeg

6 reasons to buy a Condo in downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Winnipeg might not be the first place you think of when  you are considering buying a condominium but there are some beautiful buildings and living options coming up.  From funky warehouse style condos to luxurious and spaces living space, downtown Winnipeg has it all.  And beside the fact that you can find a great place to live, downtown Winnipeg condo living is a lifestyle all of its own.

Here are 6 more reasons why you should consider buying a downtown Winnipeg condo:

Downtown Shopping!

The Portage Place mall has always been a place where you can shop for clothes, shoes, music, and more and it is still that way today.  The Portage Place mall has some great retail stores but you don't have to stop there.  City Place has more shopping as does The Bay and they are both accessible through the connecting overpass walkways.  That means in the winter you don't have to brave the cold!  The walkways downtown allow you to move around downtown through shopping areas, restaurants, businesses, and the library, too.  You can even get to Winnipeg's one of a kind underground shopping area – Winnipeg Square.

Fabulous Restaurants!

Downtown Winnipeg has some of the most culturally diverse dining experiences of any area of the city.  You'll find vegetarian restaurants like the Affinity Vegetarian Garden Restaurant and Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse.  You can enjoy Chinese, Japanese, or Thai food, or you can choose more traditional fare.  The options are endless and they are all within walking distance when you live in a downtown Winnipeg condo.

Entertaining Theatres!

There are many theatres where you can enjoy a night of movies or plays.  If you want to see one of the newest releases The Towne theatre has many movies to choose from.  The Globe Theatre in Portage Place mall has more artsy types of movies as does Cinematheque.  The IMAX theatre lets you experience things in an even bigger way.  If live performances are more your thing you can enjoy a show at the Prairie Theatre Exchange or at the Manitoba Theatre Center.

The Forks!

The Forks is a great place to spend the day in the summer but in the winter the indoor stores and restaurants always provide a great shopping experience.  And don't forget all the good food!

MTS Center!


There's always something special going on at the MTS Center.  Don't forget that this is where all the hockey games are going to be this year with our new NHL hockey team.  You can also enjoy concerts and other exciting events.

The Nightlife!

Downtown Winnipeg is the place you want to be if you love the night life.  There are bars and lounges scattered all over downtown Winnipeg and if you buy a downtown Winnipeg condo you'll never have far to go to get home.

6 reasons to buy a condo in downtown WinnipegAbout the Publisher

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