Updating Your Yard Before The Sale - Getting Ready For Fall

Getting Your Yard Ready For Sale

It's easy when a yard changes its look over time to not notice that it has gotten a bit neglected. If you are considering selling your home in the next season or two, however, that needs to be a strong priority. Even if the yard isn't the most practical concern that homebuyers have, they cannot help but form judgments when they see a yard for the first time. They wonder if attention to detail in the yard actually is an indication of neglect in the house!

Luckily, now is the time to start making your landscaping changes to have a lush yard and beautiful flower beds ready when you list the home. Some reasonably-priced measures can really have an impact on the health and beauty of your yard.

Address the Yard's Health With Aeration and Reseeding

The best place to start if your yard is starting to look a little bare is to create a reseeding or over-seeding regimen. This takes time, so start talking to a landscaping professional now to start filling in that area. You can also aerate your current yard in order to promote growth for the grass you already have.

Getting Your Yard Ready For SaleIt's easy for ground in yards to get compacted, since it receives foot traffic, but aerating the yard can improve airflow to the roots of the grass, boosting its health.

Mulch Beds For Health and a Uniform Look

Finding the right kind of mulch and applying it to your flower beds makes such a difference between beds that look weedy and sparse versus intentional, beautiful, weed-free beds. The mulch provides a layer of insulation during cold winter months, which can extend the life of some perennial plants.

The mulch is also very valuable as a weed deterrent, making it easier to keep those beds looking excellent throughout the coming months and year. Lower maintenance lawns and beds are a high priority for many busy professionals who don't want to have to do a lot of lawn upkeep, and mulched beds can contribute to that look of being a low-maintenance property.

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Getting Your Yard Ready For SaleConsider Specific Needs of Your Lawn

While top real estate agents recommend some pretty common-sense measures for keeping your yard looking great, there are some other needs you can consider as the fall comes upon us. Make sure that if your lawn has been damaged by pests in the past that you're staying on top of those treatments, since you don't want a patchy lawn right when you most could use a beautiful look.

If you haven't fertilized yet and know that frost is coming, make sure you've made that treatment to be ready for next spring. Finally, don't let yourself overwater the lawn as the seasons change, since the fall and winter can bring more precipitation that might result in too much moisture for the grass to stay happy.

Talking to a landscaping professional can help you set your own personalized priority list for making the lawn look its best before you go to sell your home and buy your next property.

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