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Winnipeg Real Estate Market Update for December 2014

Real Estate Market Update for Winnipeg, December 2014 . Welcome to the December 15th real estate market update for Winnipeg.  This report focuses on the statistics as they are on the 15th of each … [Read More...]

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Which of the two kitchens would YOU prefer?

Follow me on Google+ #Blog Originally shared by +Lennar Two kitchens from our Sacramento TEAM! Tell us, which one is your DREAM?!TOP: … [Read More...]


Real Estate Quiz: Should I BUY or should I RENT?

Buy or Rent? Which is right for YOU?   Real Estate Quiz to help you determine whether you are more suited to renting a property, or buying a home (House or Condo). … [Read More...]

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How to prepare your children for an upcoming move

Moving (with children) to a new home . All moves are different. You may be calling me to move across the city or you’re relocating to Winnipeg … [Read More...]


Why you should use a REALTOR when buying a house or condo

  Buyer Agent: Why Home Buyers should have their own agent Income to Mortgage conversion: How much house can you afford? Tips and Rules for … [Read More...]

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Selling your home? Make sure you’ve ticked off everything on this checklist

Checklist for selling your home . Sometimes we all fancy a change in our lives. Some people opt to look for a new career, some start a family and … [Read More...]

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The 5 “P’s” of selling in a slower real estate market

Trying to sell in a 'buyers market'? . Here are 5 things you should consider and remember when trying to sell a house in a slower market. 1) … [Read More...]

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Canadian Museum for Human Rights opens Sept. 20th, 2014

Canadian Museum opens in #Winnipeg in Sept 2014   Top 10 Winnipeg Tourist Attractions in Winnipeg (Slideshow) Best Dining Experiences & … [Read More...]

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Winnipeg News curated via Social Media (Bo Kauffmann)

Winnipeg news and information via social media . … [Read More...]

Photo of Hy's Steak House and Cocktail Bar in WInnipeg

Best Dining Experiences & Restaurants in Winnipeg (curated list)

Best Dining Experiences in Winnipeg . Winnipeg is known as a city with a great number of restaurants as well as cultural diversity.  We're pretty fortunate to have so many different … [Read More...]



8 of the BEST home-staging tricks and techniques (Audio)

8 Top Home-Staging tricks Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. Other Related Stories Top Tips for presenting your home to potential buyers Quiz: House or Condo? Which is a better fit for your lifestyle? Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution.New Gallery 2014/11/28 Top Home-Staging TricksSome of the top tricks home stagers use to help […]
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House listing expired? Condo did not sell? What is the next step?

Did your “Listing” expire?  What’s the next step? . First of all, don’t despair!  Even at the height of our busiest times in the past few years, approximately 25% of listings did not sell during the first listing period, becoming an expired listing in Winnipeg.  So you are not alone.  But now is the time […]

Home Staging Tip #3: Flooring (Audio Podcast)

Home Staging Tip #3: Flooring in your home . Before selling a house or condo, make sure that the flooring is in great shape.  Replace old and worn carpeting with new, or perhaps install new laminates or hardwood flooring.  These days, there are a lot of options when it comes to flooring.  Listen to this […]
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