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7 Reasons Why Your Home Didn't Sell

Expired Listing? How to succeed the 2nd time around! Tips for the frustrated home seller.

Not All Homes Sell In The First Attempt

Did you know that, even in 'hot' markets, nearly 1 in 4 listings fail to sell during the first attempt?

Here are 7 things you can do to succeed on your 2nd try!

7) Stage Your Home

Most home buyers lack the imagination or vision required.  Help them by staging your home properly.  This will also help when taking proper photographs of your home.

6) Clean Your Home

Buyers often look inside your stove, closets, and behind shower curtains and drapes.  Have everything professionally cleaned before you list.

5) Don't Sell "As-Is"

Fix any broken light switches, door handles and paint chips.  Replace anything thats broken or worn (within reason).

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4) Be Out Of The Home During The Showings

Buyers want to see your home with their agent....not with you!  Build trust and confidence...be out of the home during the showing.

3) Take Excellent Photos Of Your Home

Did your last agent use his Blackberry to take the pics?  Make sure your next agent hires a professional photographer.  Your home deserves it.

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2) Employ A Proper Marketing Plan

Did your last agent disappear after your signed the contract?  Make sure to hire an agent who markets your home everywhere.

1) Realistic & Proper Pricing

The #1 reasons for homes failing to sell: unrealistic pricing.  Take a closer look at the market, and at comparable properties.  Set realistic expectations.