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Real Estate Humour: The Lighter Side

Lighter Side of real estate. Seeing the humour in real estate.

Plumbing Problems In Your Home – How To Identify Common Issues

Plumbing systems are a major part of any home, along with foundation, electrical and roofing. Here are a few tips on how to check for potential plumbing problems before buying a home.

Latest Trends In Home Renovations

Interview with Tyrone Walford on the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom and basement renovations. For the transcript, click this down arrow Buying or...

Discovering Hidden Electrical Problems In Your Home

The electrical system of a home is one of the major components, along with plumbing, foundation, roof and windows. Here are some clues and symptoms to look for when buying a home (or if you already own one) to discover potential hidden electrical problems.

Please help me support D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre in Winnipeg

Help me support D'Arcy's A.R.C. as a great charity . (NOT asking for money today!  Simply your vote of support is enough!!) Hi.  I’m Bo Kauffmann of...

Media Release: Winnipeg REALTORS Real Estate Market Report

Media Release: Winnipeg REALTORS® Real Estate Market Report September 2015 Each month, Winnipeg REALTORS® issue a monthly media release, releasing real estate market statistics for...

Protecting your Winnipeg home against flooding

Protecting your home from flooding Whether you’re an avid news watcher or not, you’ve likely heard about the devastating storms that have been hitting North...

Winnipeg Business Networking Event August 10th, Norwood Hotel

Business Networking Event for Winnipeg businesses. Are you a Winnipeg business, entrepreneur, self-employed, home based business, or corporation? Come check out this FREE business networking event which will include 25 vendors, presenters and free appetizers. Mix, socialize and network.

Moving to Winnipeg: Top 6 accounts to follow on Twitter

Moving to Winnipeg: 6 Accounts to Follow on Twitter . Winnipeg – the capital of Manitoba and the “gateway to the west” – is a stunning...

Will your property value increase? Signs to look for!

Signs that indicate potential property value increase . One of your top priorities, when you buy a house, should be that it will gain in value...

First Full Day In Your New Home: Where Do You Start?

Moving into your new home can be exciting. It’s a brand new start, and at the end of what is often a lengthy process,...

Energy Consumption in Homes across Europe (Infographic)

Infographic: Energy Consumption in european homes We've just received this interesting infographic titled "Energy Consumption of Homes across Europe, designed for a U.K. company, Cast...

7 Steps To Prepare Your Home For The Harsh Winter

Winter IS Coming!  Living in Canada means dealing with cold winters that can last for several months. The good news is that our homes...

Buying a Condominium: 7 Traps To Avoid

Here are some tips and traps to avoid when buying a condominium. Condos offer a unique lifestyle, and from time to time, also offer excellent opportunities to enter the real estate market.

Guide To Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home in Winnipeg in 2018? There are many options and decisions that a home seller has to make. Do you list with an agent? How do you select a real estate listing specialist. How to best show your home? Selling your house or condo in any market is a big step...here is the ultimate guide to help.