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Tuxedo – Winnipeg’s Prestigious Luxury Neighbourhood

Tuxedo: Winnipeg's luxury neighbourhood. One of Winnipeg's best known and most prestigious neighbourhoods is Tuxedo. Luxury Homes, Condos and properties.

Linden Woods Real Estate – Market Update & Report – Sept....

Monthly Market Update for the Linden Woods neighbourhood in Winnipeg. Linden Woods Real Estate Sales, active listings, etc. Updated monthly information

Winnipeg Real Estate Newsletter – September 2018 – News, Tips, Updates

7 top monthly Winnipeg Real Estate News articles for home buyers, sellers and owners. Updated monthly, subscription available but not necessary. Come back often.

MK Global Charity Fundraiser – D’Arcy’s ARC – Oct. 26 2018

MK Global presents: Bud, Spud &Steak in support of D'Arcy's Animal Rescue Centre Date and Time:  Friday, Oct. 26th at 5:30 pm Location: Winnipeg Winter Club, 200...

Property Management Companies – Best Practices and Features

Whether you're just starting out, or already own lots of rental properties, property management companies are a valuable resource. Here are tips on finding..

10 most important aspects of a successful rental property

Buying rental property is a great way to grow your portfolio. Real estate is generally considered a solid investment. Tips to buy rental properties

New Roof or Roof Repair? What are the home owners options?

When the roof in your home starts to show it's age, or worse yet, starts to fail, owners have an option: roof repair or get a totally new roof.

Repairing or Replacing your furnace: Size is important

Is your home heating system ancient, or giving you trouble. Don't wait until you're stuck in a -40 blizzard to find out that your furnace is on it's last legs. Get it serviced before winter.

Buying a Luxury House in Winnipeg – How To Guide

Looking to move up to a larger, more luxurious home? Winnipeg has many outstanding luxury properties on the market, both houses and condos.

Real Estate Services – What Consumers Should Expect & Demand

Whether you are buying or selling, a house or a condo, you'll probablyhire a Winnipeg real estate agent to help in the process. What services to expect...

Home Buying in Winnipeg is a team effort

Many professionals are involved in helping the buyer achieve his desired goal and dream of owning a house or condo. Here is how to assemble the best team

Special Report – Winnipeg Condo Market – August 2018 –...

Special Winnipeg Condo Market Report. Shows sales, listings & expired listing stats. Updated Monthly. All condo styles and price ranges in Winnipeg.

Special Winnipeg Housing Market Report – September 2018 – Your Update

Winnipeg Housing Market Report shows stats on available listings, sold and expired listings for the current month. For Houses bet. $100-$500K. Winnipeg Real Estate Updated monthly

Real Estate Photos – Make Sure Your Home Stands Out On...

Nearly all home buyers start their search on the internet, looking for nice-looking photographs. Home Sellers need to make a great first impression when show-casing their houses or condos in Winnipeg, or buyers will pass them over. Make sure you (the seller) hire a real estate agent who takes kick-ass photos of your property! Do you agree?

New Construction or Resale Home – Pros and Cons of each

Many of us dream of building their own home according to their preferences - a place where they will feel like themselves, relaxed and...

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