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Buying A Home?  Here Are The Professionals You Will Need

These are the professional services a home buyer should engage while looking to buy a house or condo!

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Your real estate agent is involved in nearly every step of the home buying process.
A real estate agent who represents the hoe buyer is know as, naturally, a Home Buyer Representative.

Their services are basically free, since their commission is already pre-assigned by the home seller.

If possible, chose an agent who holds the A.B.R. designation.  (Accredited Buyer Representative)

It's a designation held by roughly 4% of real estate agents in North America.
A Mortgage Pro
Being pre-approved is a minimum requirement.  Get that pre-approval by the RIGHT lender!
Your real estate agent should be able to recommend a lender who gets it done everytime!
Best option:  Ask your real estate agent for a referral.


An experienced REALTOR should have one or two good mortgage brokers on speed dial.
These two professionals work closely together and need to trust each other.

Having a REALTOR and mortgage broker works hand-in-hand is to your advantage.
Home Inspector
If possible, get a good look at the home before buying it.  
Again, your real estate agent should have someone trustworthy and capable on speed-dial.
Home Insurance Agent
An Insurance Broker can shop around for the best fitting home insurance.

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Real Estate Lawyer
A lawyer need to check and secure your title of ownership.
Choose a lawyer who specializes in real estate
Just as the case of the mortgage broker, your REALTOR will be working closely with the lawyer.

Ask your real estate agent for a referral.


It is likely that the lawyer gets LOTS of referrals from this agent.  Lawyers apprecaite that.

My lawyer, for example, appreciates it so much, that I know I can get him to answer his phone on a weekend, if I call him.
(Try calling ANY lqwyer on the weekend and see how rare that is)

So if something goes wrong, your REALTOR should be able to get it resolved, even in off hours
Life Insurance Agent
Don't get Mortgage Insurance!
Get Life Insurance instead.
There IS a difference.
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Movers, Electricians, Painters etc are not required in all instances of home buying

However, when a home buyer or owner needs one of these services, it's good to know you're getting a good one.

So ask your REALTOR for a referral.

An experienced real estate agent should have a list of reputable service providers handy to help you.
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