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7 Things to Look for in a Buyer’s Agent

Home sellers have their own agents, called ‘Listing Agents’. If you’re looking to buy a home, shouldn’t you have a real estate expert in your corner? The 'Buyer’s Agent is there to protect your interests. Here are seven things to look for before picking your agent!
#1: Level of Experience
Lots of new agents come into and leave the real estate business every day. Ensure that your agent is experienced, and knows  his/her job well.
#2: Market Knowledge
Does your potential agent know the market well? Is he/she up-to-date with recent trends, sales info, available listings, etc.? If your answer is no, look out for another agent who can serve your needs in a better way.
#3: Great Customer Reviews
Check your prospective agent information on Google and Better Business Bureau. Experienced agents should have a list of satisfied customers and tons of 5-star reviews.
#4: Responsiveness and Availability
Is your agent a full-time REALTOR or is this his/her part-time gig? Will he/she be available whenever YOU want to see a home? Make sure your agent is available and responsive to all your requests.

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#5: Connection to Other Services
Good agents have an established network of services to help home buyers. They know great lawyers, home inspectors, home insurance people, mortgage brokers, moving companies, and more. Your agent should have a group of trusted people ready to help you, whenever required!
#6: Transparency while Showing Listings
If your agent shows you three homes and tries to persuade you to buy one of them, perhaps you’ve made the wrong choice. Make sure your agent is showing you all the listings, not just those of his company. Also, ensure that he/she not trying to sell you every home you see, but points out potential problems with each one too.
#7: Personal Rapport
You may end up spending a lot of time with your agent. So, make sure you are comfortable with his/her style. Also, see if they try to shuffle you off on their assistants or help you personally. Personal rapport makes a lot of difference.
You are about to make the biggest investment of your life – buying a home. Make sure you have a knowledgeable real estate expert to help out while searching for your dream home!

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