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7 Steps To Get Your Home Heating System Ready For Winter

7 Steps To Make Sure Your Heating System Is Ready For Winter

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Check, Clean or Replace Your Furnace Filter

Every three months, check your filter to determine whether or not it needs cleaning or replacing.

2) Check on the blower motor and belt

Be sure to check the system's manual for information on doing this, or hire a professional.
Over time, the blower belt inside your HVAC system will likely dry and/or fray. Look over the belt for signs of wear, and give the motor a tiny amount of oil.

3) Seal the blower doors

The blower doors are responsible for safely leading dangerous gases outside of your home.

Additionally, they help prevent carbon monoxide from building up in the air inside your home. Ensure the blower doors are properly shut and sealed.

 DIY or hire a pro for this.

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4) Check your ventilation

The ventilation system connected to your home heating system is designed to evenly circulate and distribute air.

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Ventilation problems stem from various causes such as blockages, buildups, and leaks. These types of problems can create astronomically high electric bills.

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5) Examine the exhaust flue

The exhaust flue is also partly responsible for keeping dangerous gases and air contaminants from entering your home.
It's rather easy to check the flue; remove the cap and look through the opening. When you're finished, make sure the cap is replaced tightly and firmly.

 DIY or hire a pro!

6) Keep flammable items away from your furnace

While this might seem a bit like common sense, it's still a very critical step in keeping your home and family safe.

In small rooms, objects tend to be closer together, and this can create an even more dangerous situation for your water heater and furnace. Make sure there are no flammable objects within several feet of these appliances.

7) If your furnace looks like this....

...it's time to consider replacing.  These old behemoths are notoriously inefficient at producing heat.

Call a pro!

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