Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog reaches ALEXA milestone, migrates hosting


Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog hits ALEXA ranking milestone

.Winnipeg's Real Estate Blog reaches ALEXA milestone, migrates hosting Latest Posts  Condos Home Improvements Real Estate Market Winnipeg is a ranking service, assigning ranks to the millions of website around the ‘net.  When a site first starts up, it’s assigned a N/A rating.  After a few weeks of activitiy, it receives a ranking in the tens of millions, so for example, 27,500,000.  This indicates that the site is the ’27th million most popular site’ on the net. As the trust factors, visitor numbers and content improves, the ranking numbers improve (drop), to lower numbers.  For example, Google is ranked #1, facebook is ranked #2, etc. A coveted and noteworthy ranking goal is to be in the top 100,000 sites on the web.  Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog has now reached and surpassed this milestone (ranked 88,600 as of October 25th, 2013, and 1,761 ranked in Canada)

Reliable, dependable and relevant real estate information

Real estate is a very ‘local’ subject.  Finding out what is happening in markets outside of your living area is like reading the train schedule of the London Underground Rail……  unless you’re going to live there (or at least visit), it’s pretty useless.  So if you’re living in Winnipeg, get your real estate tips, information and market updates right here.  But we also have good info for home and condo owners anywhere:  Home reno tips, condo advice and general real estate info for buyers, sellers and owners in any market.

Two improvements to Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog

Based on recommendations made by a very trusted source, Joost DeValk , Winnipeg’s real estate blog has changed to a Genesis Framework. This will help in SEO, as well as just look darn good.  The second change is a migration away from the budget-conscious (ie: cheap) hosting at a generic hosting service, to the Genesis-optimized servers at Synthesis. It should also help with improved delivery, uptime and security.

What this means going forward

Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog will continue to provide timely, accurate and relevant real estate information, but will now do it via a better framework and from more reliable and faster servers.  So if you’re interested in real estate matters, bookmark this site, or alternatively sign up for our e-newsletterand receive the latest blog posts via email, twice a month.

Winnipeg's Real Estate Blog reaches ALEXA milestone, migrates hosting Latest Posts  Condos Home Improvements Real Estate Market Winnipeg

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  1. Congrats, Bo! That's great news for you. Keep delivering great content and I imagine your Alexa ranking will continue to grow (or rather shrink).

    Best of luck in 2014!


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