Which Is Preferred: Manual Or Automatic Garage Doors?

Which Is Preferred: Manual or Automatic Garage Doors?

When you're debating among the many different types of garage doors, whether to purchase a manual or automatic garage door, you first need to consider a few things to ensure that you make the right decision. Manual and automatic garage doors, in particular, have certain attributes that make them appealing, so it's important to weigh which would be the right fit for your home. Ultimately, it comes down to which is preferred—manual or automatic garage doors—and which would be the right choice for your needs.

Complexity Versus Simplicity

With an automatic garage door, you'll have the convenience and luxury of modern technology at your fingertips. Many people put remotes inside their vehicles so that they can open and close their garage doors in a pinch. This seems to be the preferred benefit when compared to manual doors, which require you to open and close them yourself.

Cost and Maintenance

There are some cons to having an automatic garage door, namely their cost and the amount of maintenance they need. Manual garage doors are relatively cheap to purchase and install, and they require very minimal maintenance. However, automatic doors can break down at any time, leaving your garage locked up. Manual doors save money, time, and effort on cost and maintenance.

Safety and Value

Manual garage doors do come with one concern: that that they aren't as safe as automatic doors, as they can crush things that get in their way. Automatic doors have a built-in feature that stops them from shutting and locking if anything is in their way. Manual doors also don't generally add to the value of a home, whereas an automatic door does.

Shopping around for new additions to a home can be challenging, especially since each homeowner has a different set of needs. In short, however, automatic garage doors can be a pain to upkeep—but overall, they have more to offer. So if you find yourself wondering which is preferred—manual or automatic garage doors—then it should be clear that automatic is the way to go.

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