Wedding Planning: 7 Simple Steps To Create A Perfect Wedding

Wedding Planning: 7 Overlooked Steps To Creating A Perfect Wedding

There is no doubt that a wedding is vital, which is evident now since more people are getting married than before. But there is a lot to wedding planning that must not be overlooked. The following are seven steps you need to consider as you embark on marriage. This will ensure the event goes well and your marriage starts off right.  (Take the Quiz at the end of this article)

Wedding Planning: Beyond the Obvious

When it comes to planning a wedding, most people have no problems dealing with the obvious steps. This includes finding a venue and the right dress for the event, but there are other aspects of the wedding that need to be tended to.

There is no reason to deal with this alone, so do not overlook hiring an expert. Wedding planning is an art, and the details should be left to a professional, such as ensuring the wedding officiant knows what to do at all times and the right florist is hired.

A Hollywood Smile

Your smile or your partner's smile may not be the first thing you think about when you are planning your event.  This is one reason it is often overlooked. A smile is more important than you can imagine, especially during a joyous event like this one.

You and your partner are going to be smiling at all times, which is only natural since you are celebrating a beautiful day.  This also means that your teeth need to be impeccable. Make sure you both go to the dentist for at least a dental cleaning, unless one of you need to have your teeth whitened. Some people's teeth need a total makeover that could be done using something like veneers. You need to do give yourself enough time to do this before your big day arrives.

Have a Toast Cut-Off

Even good wedding planning overlooks one little problem, which deals with long speeches. These speeches are great, and they are usually coming from an honest place, but there are other people who may want to say something. There is also a schedule to keep because you do not want your event to go longer than it should.

You also have to worry about speeches that get a little too honest or start to become negative. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have someone hold the microphone for those giving a toast.  That way, he or she can cut them off at the right time. Or you could have your sound specialist cut someone off if the speech gets negative. The point is to keep the spirit of your special day going, and this is just one way to do that.

Think About Snacks

One thing that some people forget about when they are planning this event is the importance of food. Yeah, you are probably going to be eating at some point, but it will be hours before you actually sit down to eat. The festivities and the rituals are going to take up a lot of time, but your stomach will not pause for a moment. Hunger is going to hit you at some point.

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This is one reason why you need to plan this aspect of the day. What you want to do is assign this task to someone you trust. This person is going to have little snacks to help you get through the day. Make sure these snacks are healthy, and stay away from sticky foods because these can get stuck to your teeth. In fact, you should probably eat in front of a mirror to make sure you still look fabulous.

Wedding Planning: 7 Overlooked Steps To Creating A Perfect Wedding wedding planningLook at Your Finances

You are planning your special day and taking care of all the little details.  Many newlyweds forget to pay attention to their finances. Credit scores, debt, and certain accounts will be combined after you get married. You need to make certain that you know this information beforehand, so sit down with your partner and compare notes.

Also, you want to pay attention to bad credit scores because they can affect the choices you are going to have after you get married. In addition, you also want to know about any outstanding debt like student loans, which can also negatively affect you in the future. One great idea is to have your finances examined by a financial advisor or planner to make sure you know what to expect and how to improve your financial situation as a married couple.

Get Life Insurance

Another thing you do not want to overlook in your wedding planning is getting life insurance together. You are both starting a life together, which is probably going to lead to children. Importantly, you do not want a cloud of uncertainty in your head. You should have nothing to worry about when you get married, and getting life insurance can give you that peace of mind.

It does not cost much, and it ensures that your family is taken care of no matter what happens. Of course, there are other little things that you can do like set up a savings account for other types of emergencies. Or start to consider additional forms of income to provide for your family. Making sure you have enough money or that you are covered for whatever life throws at you is just smart family planning.

Start Your Home Search

Some couples have an idea of what they want in a home, but having a rough idea is not good enough. This is especially true when your special day is arriving. You want to start taking active steps toward finding a home that you are both going to be happy with. One essential thing to remember here is to be open to compromise.  After all, this home is meant to represent both of you, not just one.

The best idea you can make is to hire a real estate agent who can do all the worrying for you. A good real estate agent is going to ask the right questions and find a home that combines both people's desires. You do not have time to look at all the houses available, but a real estate agent does.

Making sure you take some of these steps should ensure that you have a wonderful celebration of love and companionship. Now, be sure to plan for a few hiccups along the way. Life is like that.  At least you are going to be in the best position to face anything because you will be together.



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