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Welcome to my latest version of Winnipeg's Condo Market Update.

Easily consumable on your mobile device, these short, and to the point, updates give you all the facts you need.

This 'Fall 2021' report will be updated monthly, and eventually replaced by the 'Winter 21-22' report.

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Condo Market

Winnipeg has just 487 available Condos in all price ranges.

Compared to 675 on 
Sept 1st 2020

Sales in August 2021 were slightly slower than the previous year.
Yearly, however, condo sales are up around 50%

So far in 2021, we have sold 883 Condos under $250K, compared to 606 last year at this time.
In the higher price ranges, it's 662 sold this year, vs. 420 last year.

Most Expensive Condo Available?

At $ 2.8 Million and 8,000 sq/ft, the top 2 floors of
1 Wellington Cr. continue to occupy the spot as Winnipeg's Most Luxurious Condo.

Condos under

On Sept. 1st this year we had 290 Condos on the market in this price range. 

Down slightly from Aug. 1st, but down A LOT from the same time last year.

Sales in this price range have stayed fairly consistent.

100 during August, 104 during July 2021, and 94 sold in Aug. 2020.

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Condos over

Availability in this price range is also much lower than last year.

Only 197 Condos priced over $250K, compared with 290 listings on
Sept. 1st, 2020

Sales are also off a little when compared to the previous month, and especially over the same time period in 2020.

Even though sales are UP and availability is DOWN, Condos are still a Great Option for buyers wishing to avoid bidding wars and get into homeownership at a reasonable price!

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