Ways To Add a Subtle Seaside Theme To Your Bathroom


Ways To Add a Subtle Seaside Theme To Your BathroomMany homeowners love to incorporate a bit of oceanic style into their bathrooms. In large bathrooms this is easily accomplished with décor, trinkets, and other similar items. In smaller bathrooms, a lot of décor can overwhelm and overpower the room. Discover some ways to add a subtle seaside theme to your bathroom or powder room.

Choose a Nautical Color Scheme

The first step to giving your bathroom a subtle seaside vibe is to choose a color scheme that says, “beachside retreat.” Consider a color palette such as the example below:

  • Walls: beige
  • Rugs, shower curtains, bathroom linens: seafoam green
  • Mirror border and cabinets: white or cream
  • Small décor accents: coral pink or ocean blue

With a range like this, you’ll be able to start enjoying the beautiful colors of the ocean right from your bathroom.

Add Some Tiling Accents

Tile is a great way to add personality to your home. Sometimes tiling an entire bathroom with nautical-themed tile can be too overwhelming for a smaller space. For a more subtle approach, consider using fish scale tile as an accent tile. Below are a few great spots for fish scale tile:

  • In shower caddy cut outs
  • As a small backsplash between the sink back and the mirror
  • As a baseboard

Incorporating subtle fish scale tile really gives a bathroom a nautical, seaside feel without overpowering or crowding the room.

Fill the Room with Scents of the Ocean

Another quick and easy way to add a subtle seaside theme to your bathroom without crowding it with décor and signs is by adding a pleasant scent. Consider adding an essential oil diffuser, scent diffuser, or other form of continuous scent release technology to disperse a pleasant oceanic scent through your bathroom. Things such as beach, ocean, saltwater, and other scents are great to set the mood to beachy.

There are so many interesting ways to add a subtle seaside theme to your bathroom without overcrowding the room or breaking the bank. Discover these for yourself by changing up your bathroom’s theme.

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