Wellington Crescent


    Wellington Crescent – Winnipeg Luxury Neighbourhood

    Beautiful, luxury home. Easy access to anywhere in the city. River-front view. Trees, walking paths and green areas. If all of this describes your dream home, then a condo on Winnipeg’s Wellington Crescent is exactly what you need. Perfect for established couples or families with children, a luxury condo along Wellington Crescent offers large suites with some of the best views in the city.

    Wellington Crescent begins at the outermost east section of Assiniboine Park, and winds alongside the Assiniboine River all the way to the west side of Osborne Village. To the north, there’s a fantastic view of the river, and to the south you can find residential areas before reaching the shops on Grosvenor and Corydon. Famed for being a lovely bike route (closed to cars on Sundays and holidays), Wellington Crescent is a street that Winnipeggers will purposely come to simply to admire the view and enjoy the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of the neighbourhood.

    Wellington Crescent wellington crescent
    Wellington Crescent wellington crescent

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