Osborne Village


    Osborne Village is one of the most well-known neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, and for good reason: located in the heart of the city, Osborne Village is a bustling area that bridges the gap between home, work, and play. With a rotating number of restaurants and boutiques in the area, this vibrant hub of Winnipeg always has something fresh and new to offer!

    A few of the highlights of Osborne Village

    Restaurants & nightlife

    Fine dining in the form of Segovia and Sous Sol will delight residents and tourists alike in Osborne Village. This neighbourhood features the best pizza in town at Little Pizza Heaven, as well as beloved staples such as Bangkok Thai. The Toad in the Hole (newly relocating) is a go-to spot for evening entertainment, and a walk through the neighbourhood in general is sure to find you enjoyment along the way!

    Concerts & performances

    The Gas Station Arts Centre is a staple in Osborne Village, featuring a range of different concerts and performing arts from theatre to comedy to dance to film festivals and more.

    The street turns into an impressive festival every year for Canada Day, so be sure to add it to your list of spots for music and celebrations.

    Boutique shopping experience & spas

    Silver Lotus is your destination for beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the attached shoe store, Rooster. Head a couple doors down for gorgeous dresses at HUSH and SHOUT, and then make your way across the street for unique indie fashion choices.

    After your shopping spree, stop off at Strada Spa for a luxurious treatment with friendly staff!

    Living in & getting around Osborne Village

    Home to millennials, baby boomers, and people of all different backgrounds, Osborne Village welcomes everyone to the table. All the amenities you need for day to day life are close at hand: within a one-block radius, you have access to grocery, drug store, coffee shop, liquor mart, gas station, and public transit. Take a stroll just a few blocks further down Osborne to access fitness studios, kitchen accessories at The Happy Cooker, and a wide range of shopping and dining experiences.

    This famous neighbourhood is easily accessible from all directions, bordered by the Assiniboine River, Red River, Legislative Building, and Confusion Corner. It features on-road and off-road bike paths, plenty of transit options, and the area is highly walkable. Choosing to live in Osborne Village makes it possible to not need to own a vehicle at all.

    Get to Osborne Village via Pembina or Donald, or make your way to Osborne Street North courtesy of Broadway or Portage.

    FAQ about Osborne Village

    Is Osborne Village in Winnipeg safe?

    Yes! Osborne Village is a safe place to live, work, and play. It is bustling at all hours of the day and night with vehicle and foot traffic.

    What to do in Osborne Village?

    Eating, drinking, and shopping are some of the highlights of the area. While you’re there, check if any shows are playing at the Gas Station Theatre—it’s a beautiful venue featuring fantastic local talent.

    What should I know before going to Osborne Village?

    If you’re struggling to find a parking spot, check out some of the side streets for other options… or forgo the car altogether to make it that much easier to get in and out.

    Keep in mind that although Osborne Village is home to many long-lasting establishments such as Baked Expectations, it also sees considerable turnover in the restaurants and boutiques. That means there will always be something new for you to discover with every visit!


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