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    More About Linden Woods

    Linden Woods is a neighbourhood in the southwest corner of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. It is a considerably new neighbourhood and attracts people who enjoy peace and serenity. You will fall in love with Linden Woods the moment you enter this residential area.  It is 900 acres because there is lush greenery all around with paved walking trails and traffic calmed streets.

    The neighbourhood has been planned carefully so the roads are well-built and well-lighted and even at night.  It is safe for students and children to come home without any problems.

    Attributes of Linden Woods

    The people living in Linden Woods follow an affluent lifestyle and if that’s your way of life, you can be rest assured that living here would fulfill your life’s desire.

    It is said that the heart of the neighbourhood lies in the lake. People come here to enjoy their evenings and to just spend time in quiet contemplation. You will also find pretty good activity in the parks too. The neighbourhood has set aside 63 acres for parks and its all filled with feature pagodas, pedestrian bridges, fountains, lookouts, paved trails and plenty more.

    Linden Woods can easily promote your sports dream because there are basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer pitches, baseball grounds, outdoor rinks, a new spray park, and even a new spray park. The people in the neighbourhood also keep themselves busy by indulging in activities like reading, gardening and swimming.

    The churches that people usually visit are Grant Memorial Baptist and Church St. Gianna Roman Catholic Church.

    Linden Woods Real Estate

    The homes in Linden Woods real estate area have a set character and style. New condo developments are currently under construction, apart from single-family homes. You can buy a 3-bedroom home for $479,900.  Meanwhile the cost of a 4-bedroom home would be around $514,900.  And a 5-bedroom home would be $499,900.

    Schools and colleges 

    The Linden Woods is just half an hour away from University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, the Pam Am Pool and the Red River Community College.

    The schools in Linden Woods include Van Walleghem School, an (elementary and junior high school) Linden Meadows School (an elementary and junior high school) and Linden Christian School, (K-12 Christian school).


    Being one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Manitoba, the median household income is also considerably higher. It is  $104,927, while the city’s median household income is $49,790.

    And the good news is that the number of crimes in a year is considerably low.

    Housing details

    The 900-acre neighbourhood has plenty of detached homes where 92% people own and only 8% rent. The overall age of people owning the homes belong to the middle age category. 52% of the people living in the neighborhood are families, while only 32% of them are couples and 15% are singles. The average renovation cost is around $20,000.

    Commuting in Linden Woods

    Most people generally own their vehicles and 42% commute by car, while only 4% use the bus, 3% walk and 1% bike. The main bus routes along Linden Woods are:

    Bus Route 64 – Linden Woods Express

    Route 84 – Windemere – Whyte Ridge (Lindenwoods Dr E)

    Bus Route 86 – Windemere – Whyte Ridge (Lindenwoods Dr W)

    Condos of Linden Woods

    This area, along with the adjoining Linden Ridge, has 21 condo communities.  For a complete list of all the different condos, please check this article.

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