Condo Fees


    Definition:  According to the Business Dictionary a Condo Fee is:

    A monthly fee assessed by an association on the owners of condominiums to cover the cost of maintenance, repairs, and security of buildings and common areas. The amount of the fee is determined by the association and usually represents a proportionate share of total expenses based on the size of the condominium unit.

    Part of the monthly fee goes towards the day to day operations of the condominium. Another part goes towards the condo reserve fund, which is a separate account to set aside money for anticipated future repairs, maintenance and replacement of building systems, including, for example:

    • Roof
    • Windows
    • Heating, Electrical and Plumbing
    • Building Exterior
    • Common areas

    The health of the reserve fund is checked and examined by a reserve fund study.

    Condo Fees
    Vocabulary Definition and explanation of Condo Fees


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