Upgrades To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Upgrades To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Upgrades To Keep Your Home Warmer This WinterWinnipeg is home to a plethora of beautiful old houses. Lovely brick walls call to mind our heritage and bring a delightful vintage charm that few other things can match. The only trouble is keeping the winter outside where it belongs. However, keeping warm doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. These are the must-know upgrades to keep your home warmer this winter.

Close the Gaps

Cold air has a way of sneaking in through the smallest openings. The result is cold feet and your heater working harder than it should have to. Gaps that let in outside air aren't always obvious, and they may not even point to anything wrong in the home. Some common places for gaps may include:

  • Doorframes and window frames
  • Open chimney flues
  • Exterior walls
  • Attics or basements
  • Electrical outlets

Take the time to walk through your house to see if any gaps are visible in these places. Another way to check for drafts is to wait for a windy day; close the windows, doors, and flues; and shut off all your appliances. Light a stick of incense and walk slowly through the house. If the smoke moves in a room, you'll know there's a gap somewhere.

Trim the Windows

Even properly caulked, your windows can be the cause of a lot of your home's lost heat. Fortunately, there are ways to further insulate your windows from the outside air. Energy-saving shades and thermal drapes are designed to keep warm air from passing through and to maintain the indoor temperature. Once summer rolls around, window trimmings such as these will also keep the cool air in and the summer heat out.

Rearrange the Furniture

Turns out rearranging the furniture doesn't just relieve cabin fever. Many homeowners put furniture pieces in front of heating vents without realizing it. This keeps the heat from traveling as efficiently through the space. Take the time to identify your vents and see if there's a way to rearrange the furniture to maximize airflow.

Upgrade Your Bedding

Even after making all the upgrades to keep your home warm in the winter, you might still find yourself shivering some nights. This is Canada, after all. On those kinds of nights, it's time to bundle up. Consider swapping your comforter for a duvet or a quilt, or try the old hotel trick of triple-sheeting, where you make your bed by putting a heavier blanket between two sheets.

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