Triberr: What is it and how can it help your blog?


Triberr: how does it help a blogger?

Triberr: What is it and how can it help your blog? Latest Posts  Condos Electrical Home Insurance Mortgage Lending Winnipeg


The biggest challenge facing any blogger is this: Lack of readers.  You might write about some interesting stuff, but if no one finds you and reads your posts, you may as well be talking to yourself. Whether you are blogging for fun or for business, you know that your blog is like a hub for your internet activity.  Centered around your blog, you probably have your social media accounts of  twitterfacebookgoogle+, linkedin, youtube and anything else you can think of.  These will help promote your blog posts to the outside world.  Which brings us to our next dilemma:  Unless you’re a social media tycoon, your twitter followers probably number in the hundreds, NOT the hundreds-of-thousands.  Which means that posting your blogs to your twitter followers only gains limited exposure.  In addition, you’re NOT supposed to only tweet out your posts anyway…. you should be tweeting out other interesting stuff as well.  In summary, a bloggers challenges are

1) Limited exposure on twitter (and other platforms)

2) Looking for constantly new material to tweet out to your followers

This is where Triberr can help

Triberr is a community of bloggers, who have the ability to build groups (Tribes) of like-minded bloggers and leverage their twitter followers to gain exposure for their blog posts.  So, as an example, you might be in a tribe of 12 bloggers, who each have an average of 500 twitter followers, adding up for a total ‘reach’ on twitter of 6,000 followers.  Each of your blog posts then has the chance of being tweeted out to those 6,000 tweeps.  And thats a very conservative number.  There are currently tribes with reaches of literally in the millions of followers.

How triberr works

You sign up at which is completely free.  Upon signing up, you are assigned to a ‘starter tribe’, which is a new feature.  (Triberr has been in ‘beta mode’ for the past year, and is constantly evolving and improving).  During your sign-up process, you add your twitter account, as well as the rss feed of your blog.  Once the signup process is finished, which only takes a few minutes, your future blog posts will automatically be fed into your tribal stream.  This is done via your blog’s RSS feed, but triberr now has its own wordpress plugin, which makes the whole process quicker, more secure and comes with several neat features.

Your tribesmates will, upon signing into triberr once a day or so, see your post in their tribal stream, click on “Approve” and send your post out to their twitter followers.  You, in turn, do the same for them.  You are never obligated to send out every single blog post of your tribesmates, so if someone publishes controversial content which is disagreeable to you, you can simply by-pass that post.  You are also able to leave a tribe at any time, and the Chief of each tribe has the ability to remove members for any reason.

Start your own tribe on triberr

Once you join triberr, you will have the ability to start your own tribe, and fill it with like-minded bloggers.  There are a huge variety of tribes, from so-called ‘mommy-bloggers’, to real estate tribes, tribes filled with SEO-experts, book-review and recipe-swapping tribes….the options are endless.  You might also start a tribe based on geography, so that for example, all your tribesmates are bloggers from your city, or your state/province.

Personally, I believe we are seeing the beginnings of something with immense potential.  The kind of thing where google steps in, buys the platform for a few millions dollars and then screws it up completely.  Lets hope that does not happen, but for now, if you blog, and want more exposure, you simply have to check out triberr.  It WILL give you an unfair advantage over other bloggers.

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