Top Factors To Consider When Downsizing Your Home

front_1There are plenty of reasons why downsizing your home can be a good move. It can save you lots of money and energy, relieve stress and free up your time for leisure activities.

Homeowners are beginning to understand that bigger is not necessarily better. It’s far more important to live in a space that fits your current needs perfectly. And sometimes that means moving into a smaller place. I know, it’s easier said than done.

Regardless of what your reason for downsizing might be, whether it’s to live a simpler life, save money or because the children have moved out, there are a few important factors you need to consider when making the move.

1. What your needs are

This is the first and most important aspect you should consider when #downsizing your home. In order to make the process as seamless as possible, you need to be able to asses the actual needs you have.

Take a good long look at how you live your daily life. Are there some activities you’re not going to be able to do once you move into a smaller space? And what are some of the things you’re finally going to be able to do?


It’s important to envision how your life is going to change once you move. Change can be good, but you shouldn’t treat this part lightly because the way you manage it can have a huge impact on your lifestyle, and ultimately your happiness.

2. Downsizing means adapting

And it’s not just about learning to live with less stuff, which can be a great relief by the way. Where you live has a great impact on your lifestyle. Keep in mind that downsizing means adapting to reduced living spaces.

Don’t worry, it’s actually possible to get more out of less.

downsizing your home
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3. What the overall cost of downsizing is

The main reason that most people downsize is to reduce costs and increase their spendable income every month. And those are all real benefits that come from making the transition to a smaller property.

However, you need to keep in mind that there could be some unexpected expenses when it comes to the total cost of moving as well. For example, you might need to buy new furniture to fit your new space better. Also, you might have to rent a storage unit until you can get rid of all the belongings you don’t need anymore.



Downsizing Your Home Can Help You Open a New Chapter

Moving into a smaller space can turn out to be a smart move, but it does come with its own particular set of challenges, as you’ve seen in this article.

Downsizing can feel like a step backwards, but it could actually mean taking a step forward, one that opens a new chapter in your life. You might be surprised to find out you’re actually happier living in a smaller home.

If you’re looking to downsize your home in Winnipeg and want a real estate agent who knows where the smaller and good-quality houses are, then I’m your guy!

Also, if you have any thoughts or concerns when it comes to downsizing your home, I’d love to see them in the comment section below.

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Well I have been considering downsizing for a while now. I’m divorced and my kids are all grown and gone on their own so it’s just me and I surely don’t need all the space i have now. I might considering sellling, downsizing and living more comfortably off the extra savings!


Downsizing is definitely in our plans. Children will be leaving the nest in two years and what are we supposed to do with a four-bedroom house? Moving into a flat or apartment makes sense. We need lifts when we can’t climb stairs anymore.


It makes absolute sense to downsize if we don’t need unnecessary room anymore. After all, that’s just a total waste of money. Come to think about it, that’s one of the main reason a lot of these big stars go broke. They have these big houses and mansions, and when the money dries up they can’t keep up the payments and the taxman comes to collect!


“It’s important to envision how your life is going to change once you move. ” This is something that a lot of people don’t consider prior to moving that causes regrets later. Even small differences in our living environment can cause huge changes in our life.


Downsizing does absolutely mean adapting as you said, but sometimes there are wonderful reasons for such things. It’s much easier to maintain a smaller living space as we age and our bodies become less versatile.


This is very helpful. I really think that the hardest part is the adjustment. But, if you want things to work with you and your family with this big move, you really have to bear with the stress that comes along with downsizing your home.

nhic eguia

Downsizing your home is very practical. You get to live with what you really need only.


I love small house. It will keep me to stay calm when i see big sale offer in mall. I know, i don’t have large place to store all that stuff.


Downsizing home is Downsizing life style. Have a small house will lead us to a less consumerism behavior. Where do you want to putt all of your stylist stuff in a small house?

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