Tips For Keeping Your House Spotless

Tips for Keeping Your House Spotless

Tips for Keeping Your House Spotless Keeping a clean house can feel nearly impossible, especially when you have kids and pets in tow. Keeping your house spotless or even just clean can feel like a never-ending chore. Explore these tips for keeping your house spotless.

Put Things Away Right Away

One of the biggest pitfalls into which many homeowners fall is failing to put away items the second they finish using them. This can quickly lead to clutter and an overwhelming list of objects to find homes for. Getting into the habit of putting things away right when you finish using them—and encouraging other household members to do the same—can greatly cut down on the amount of clutter. The less clutter you have, the less cumbersome the task of cleaning becomes.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

This may seem a little childish to households of mainly adults, but it can help a ton by helping you keep track of when you last deep-cleaned a specific room. This way, you can better schedule cleanings to fit your schedule and preferences. For example, you could always deep-clean the bathrooms on Sundays and do the floors and vacuuming throughout the home on Tuesdays. Or, if you prefer to dedicate a full day to cleaning rather than break it up during the course of the week, you could choose a single deep-cleaning day.

Don’t Just Clean—Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting are different things. All too often, people will clean or organize their homes and think their jobs are done—but germs and bacteria are still looming. The process of creating a spotless home goes past just appearances. When you’re cleaning your home, start by organizing and putting things away. Then, clean. Then, disinfect. Be wary of the common disinfection errors you’ll want to avoid making, such as neglecting remote controls and light switches.

There are many more tips for keeping your house spotless. Be sure to keep finding new ways that work for your home so that you can live in a clean oasis every day.

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