Tips For Decorating Your Deck Or Patio For Summer

Tips for Decorating Your Deck or Patio for Summer

Tips for Decorating Your Deck or Patio for SummerThe change of season is a perfect excuse to change it up outside. Transforming your deck or patio space to prepare for long days and cool evenings filled with family and friends can be a fun, rewarding project with a little planning. These tips for decorating your deck or patio for summer will help give you ideas on how to get started!

Planning the Space

Tackling a tiny patio and a large one can be equally difficult when it comes to planning the layout. First, consider how you want to use the space. How many guests do you plan on hosting, and what kind of activities do you want to do on your patio? Big outdoor meals demand a lot of table space, while solo outdoor painting sessions may just need your patio to accommodate you and your easel!

Some aspects of patio décor must be decided after others. It's frustrating to buy a patio conversation set only to realize you don't have the legroom you'd like because of the table. Don't forget to measure your space and take those measurements with you to the store.

Painting and Repair

Changing the color of your décor is another must-do when it comes to changing up the patio or deck space. If you want to create a more lasting change than new furniture, consider painting! Walls, railings, or even furnishings can be painted a new bold or muted color to instantly shift the outdoor atmosphere.

Applying sealant and stain is a good yearly practice for wood patios and decks that both protects your outdoor space and refines it. Sanding off an old sealant and giving the patio a new shade of stain can make the wood itself feel brand new. Just be sure to use this chance to inspect your structure, and look for signs that your deck needs repair before opening it to regular use.

Personality, Color, and Planting

A quick way to completely change the feel of your patio for the new season is to add a splash of color! A bold pattern rug or striking ceramic pots bring a modern feel to an outdoor scene, and native plants bring life to any patio.

Indoor design sensibilities can easily translate to your outdoor space, from stark minimalism that sits in contrast with a complex, natural backyard, to the more eclectic assembly of personal items and bold furniture that put your personality on full display. Just be sure to seal any outdoor items like metal statues or plastic furniture to prevent damage from water or UV-rays.

With new decorating trends popping up every year and tons of inspiration online, the possibilities for how you design your outdoor space are endless. These tips for decorating your deck or patio for summer are a simple foundation on which you can build to create a living space that is truly you!

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Tips for Decorating Your Deck or Patio for Summer Tips for Decorating Your Deck or Patio for SummerAbout the Publisher

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