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House-Hunting 101

Tips for Successful House Hunting1 Purchasing a home is one of the most serious steps in every person’s life. It can give you a lot of hard time – sleepless nights, exhausting endless home tours, some interior disappointments and constant unrest, because of the possibility of not fitting into budget. You have to be sure that you honestly want this relocation, as so big responsibilities come along with it. Once you decide you are ready and able to afford it, you can start seeking for your dream house. Here are several advices how to do it successfully, but without suffering at the end:

1. Priorities are of extreme importance

Gather the family and talk with them about the features they definitely want in your future home and which ones they can cope without. You can also make a list of the things you certainly don’t want (e.g. train track or a big boulevard nearby). This is very useful, because you will see a lot of beautiful houses with different advantages you don’t really need. A big outdoor pool or a Jacuzzi can easily tempt you, but if there is no playground for the children or the neighborhood is not quiet enough (and these are your top priorities), don’t waste your precious time to consider moving into a home where the kids will not have enough space and tranquility to play and sleep well. You can give the estate agent these lists in order to avoid seeing houses that don’t match your priorities.

2. If possible, visit each one of the houses at least two times

Daylight can add some charm to areas which are rather dismal during the evenings. You will understand a lot of things about both the house and the district during different time. Don’t ignore even the smallest flaws you see. Point them out and ask the sellers whether they are going to repair them or cut the price so that you will be able to finance the renovation.

3. Take your own pictures

If the REALTOR® allows you, it’s a great idea to make some pictures by yourself, because real estate agencies often put very much edited and photoshopped pictures. They can deceive you when you want to remember how exactly your possible future home looks, but your mind is full of images of the numerous places you’ve checked. Truthful evidence is the exact thing you need to decide whether you really want to buy this particular house, move in and spend the rest of your life there.

4. Go around and talk to the neighbours

Every story has two parts and sometimes the sellers want you to hear just theirs. Their reasons for being willing to sell the house may sound believable to you, but it is a really good idea to examine all your possible sources of information about the property you are going to move in. Warn the vendors that you will have a chat with the neighbours to discourage their desire to conceal from you details that are not so pleasant, but has to be known before the deal is closed.

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