New Technology: Simplifying Buying, Selling & Finding A Home

New Technology: Simplifying Buying, Selling & Finding A Home

Selling a property or finding a home is a complex process, as there is a lot that needs to be taken into account. 20 years ago, for most buyers, finding a new home was incredibly stressful and time-consuming. This is because, to see what was on offer, various meetings with a realtor were needed. As well as the fact that the selling process was also incredibly time-consuming and stressful. However, thanks to advancements in new technology, both the house hunting and the selling processes are now much simpler.

Virtual viewings

Thanks to the internet, virtual property viewings are now a thing. For buyers who live a distance from the area that they want to move to, virtual viewings can be a godsend. As well as for buyers who just don't have the time to view property after property. There are two options when it comes to virtual viewings. The first is watching a pre-recorded video of the property. The second is having your realtor do a live virtual viewing via video chat. The latter tends to be the best option as it allows buyers to ask any questions about the property, just like if they were viewing it in person. For sellers (and REALTORS®), this means that selling a property is much easier. As there's a larger audience to work with – not just local buyers.

House hunting apps

For potential buyers, house hunting apps are an incredibly useful tool. For buyers, house hunting apps like Zoopla, make the process of finding a home so much easier.. The great thing about these apps is that they allow users to enter the location that they want to move to, and only bring up properties within that area. Plus, they allow users to tick any features that properties must have to be suitable. These apps also allow a price range to be set, to ensure that only properties within the buyer's price range come up. The contact details of the realtor showing the property are also listed. This makes it even easier for buyers to get in touch with the right person.

More materials for REALTORS®

For real estate agents, thanks to advancements in technology, it's much easier to get information about a property. There's no need for information to be sent via post, email has made it much quicker and easier for relators to get any information that is needed for a sale. As well as this, there are also plenty of real estate marketing materials that make the actual marketing process quicker and easier. This is important as it helps to make finding a suitable buyer for a property much quicker and easier.

Finding A Home with Google Maps

For buyers and real estate agents, Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool. This is because it allows the user to take a look at a specific street, giving an insight into the type of area that it is. For buyers, this makes it easier to know if they are happy to view a property in a certain area. This saves time and prevents viewings with no potential for success. For REALTORS®, Google Maps allows them to check an area over before taking potential buyers to view a property. This allows them to ensure that it's suitable for them.

There's no doubt about it, technology has, in many ways, made the process of selling properties and finding a home easier.

New Technology: Simplifying Buying, Selling & Finding A Home finding a homeAbout the Publisher

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