Tankless Water Heaters: Are They Right For You?

Tankless Water Heaters: Are They Right For You?

Should you power your shower (and washing machine, and dishwasher) with one of these long-life, energy-efficient units?

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Is a tank-less hot water system right for you?  The upside includes an energy savings of an estimated $80 per year.  This is achieved because you dont continually heat the water in a stored tank, even when you dont need it.

With a tankless (on demand) hot water system, the heat only comes on when you turn the hot water tap on.

Benefits also include a long life of the unit (estimated at 2-3 times as long as your average hot water tank).

There are some draw-backs to these on-demand hot water systems.  First is the initial cost, somewhere between 2-3 times as expensive as installing a traditional hot water tank.


The second drawback may be the pressure or water-flow rate, which may be lower than those experienced with a traditional hot water tank unit.

Last piece of advice:  Because these tankless systems have a longer life-span, it is important to check out the manufacturers warranty.  Some better-backed units offer lifetime warranties, which could come in handy down the road.

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