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Buying a Home in 2020

If you're serious about buying a house or condo right now in Winnipeg, you'll face two issues: Here are the challenges and the suggested solution that fixes both.

2-Minute Market Update

Your 2 Minute Market Update on Winnipeg Real Estate Conditions in February 2020 Listen to the Audio Version here! Feb sales increased 15% over January, which is of course expected, as the spring market starts to get rolling. But it also increased by the same 15% over LAST YEARS Feb market. There are 22% MORE residential detached home listings this …

An Unexpected Showing: 5 Quick How-To Home Staging Tips

Sellers can say NO to an unexpected showing request. An agent will call and request to show your home on very short notice, for example, 30 minutes. But rather than lose a potential buyer, here are some quick staging tips for the short notice, unexpected showing. Get your home ready in quick time..

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