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What Insurance Companies Will Ask

A list of insurance questions a home buyer needs to answer

Buyers will need to get home insurance.  When applying for this, they will need answers to the following questions.

What kind of electrical panel does the home have?

Depending on the age of the home, you are likely to find:
  • A fuse panel
  • A breaker panel

What type of wiring does the home have?

Again, depending on the age of the home, you are likely to find:
  • Aluminum Wiring  (homes bet. 1960-1976)
  • Knob & Tube wiring  (homes before ~ 1950's)
  • Copper Wiring (homes past 1950's, or renovated homes)

What kind of plumbing does the home have?

The main concern here is regarding any plumbing lines 'under pressure'  (ie: not drain lines)  You may find:
  • Copper Plumbing (1960's and later)
  • Galvanized Plumbing (likely before the 1960's)
  • Plastic or Pex Plumbing (ca. 2000 +)

What type of heating system does the home have?

Your insurance agency will likely ask about the type of heating, which could be:
  • Electric Baseboard Heat  (nearly any age)
  • Hot Water Boiler  (usually pre-1950's_
  • Air-Forced Furnace  (past 1950's)
  • In-Floor heating
  • Gas, Oil or Electric ?

What is the approximate age of the various systems?

Your insurance company will want to know the age of:
  • The hot water tank
  • The roof shingles
  • The furnace

What is the size of these home components?

Make sure to measure the size of these items:
  • An attached deck
  • Any screen house or addition
  • Developed basement space

Does your home have any of these items or systems?

  • Sump Pump
  • Backwater Valve
  • Alarm System (monitored or not?)
  • Woodstove or Fireplace
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