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7 Reasons Why A Condo Might Be The Right Option For You!

Here are 7 situations where buying and living in a condo is a great option.

A Condominium might
be perfect for you if
any of the following apply

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You're a First Time Home Buyer

Bidding wars on houses are common place in many markets. 

If you have limited financing or down payment, a condo may be a great option for first time buyers.

Your kids have moved out!

Empty Nesters are finding that they don't need that huge house anymore.
Try a 1200 ft condo with 2 BR and 2 baths.

Want to move from renting
to ownership?

With a condo, you won't have to 
  • Clean eavestroughs
  • Shovel Driveways
  • Cut the lawn
  • Paint the exterior

You're looking to down-size in general

Finding you don't need that large home anymore?  Save on
  • Heat
  • Home Insurance
  • Taxes
  • more bills

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There is only 1 or 2 of you!
Condos have long been a favourite choice for career focused young people, who are not in the family planning stage.

You travel frequently or for long periods

Condos offer excellent security for those who travel.  No need to
  • Put lights on timers
  • Shovel the Drive
  • Check the heat in wintertime
  • Keep place looking occupied

You're interested in living downtown

In many cities, condo-living is the only option if you want to live downtown.
If you nodded in agreement with one or more of these situations, condo living may be  for you.

Worried about condo-fees?  They're not the boogey-man some people suggest,
find out more here.

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