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6 Reasons To Work With Your Own Real Estate Agent

Why Home BUYERS should have their own agent

Nearly ALL SELLERS hire a real estate agent to represent them.  Here are 6 reasons a BUYER should have one too!

1) Save Time

See any home on the market with just one phone call to YOUR agent.

2) Save Money

Your agent may be able to save you money when writing an offer.  Work with an experienced agent who has written hundreds of offers, and been involved in a variety of situations.

3) Convenience

You don't have to co-ordinate your schedule with several 'Listing Agents'.

In one afternoon or evening, you and your agent can tour 5-6 homes easily.

Your Agent works for YOU

The Listing Agent is legally obligated to represent the seller, and to get them as much (of YOUR money) as possible.

Home Sellers have an agent.  Shouldn't YOU have your own? 

Get the Facts

No salesy B.S. from the sellers pushy agent.  Get the facts!

Your own agent should be comfortable that you will, eventually, buy a home thru him/her.  A good Buyer Agent never pushes a client towards a deal.

Find an agent who does not rush you, but listens and understands your needs and concerns.

Buyer Agents are Free*

Nearly all the time, the sellers contract already has your agents fee included.

So you can be represented by your own buyer agent, without having to pay for the service.
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