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12 Easy Ways to Support Your Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are inspiring places, not only because they help, rescue, and rehabilitate a large number of stray, lost, surrendered, and abandoned animals, but also because they do so with pretty limited resources and very little publicity.
If you love cuddling and spending quality time with the cute canines and felines, perhaps the best place to do so is your local animal shelter. And if you are keen on supporting an animal shelter in your vicinity, there are so many ways to do so. Here are the 12 easiest ones!
#1: Adopt a Pet
Having a pet is like having another child!. So, if you think it is time to add a new member to your family, adopt a cute cat or dog and enjoy all its adorable tantrums and fancies.
Contact your local animal shelter, which will be more than happy to help you choose the right pet according to your personality and lifestyle.
#2: Volunteer
Can’t adopt a pet just yet? Not a problem as you can still spend a lot of time with these cuddly cuties by volunteering at your local shelter.
All you need to do is get in touch with them about their volunteering opportunities, and they will be glad to have you. Believe it or not, it will be an extremely fulfilling experience!
#3: Make a Monetary Donation
Most animal shelters run on limited resources, and therefore, every penny counts. So, every monetary donation you make will be accepted very humbly and gratefully.
Donated money may be used by animal shelters toward their operating costs, animal supplies and housing upgrades, staff training, community outreach, and so on.
#4: Go for a Tax-deductible Donation
Many donations made to charitable or non-profit organizations are tax deductible. Make such a donation; it’s a win-win for both, you and the animal shelter. Cash, cheque, or online money transfer – anything is fine!
#5: Donate Coupons of Your Local Retail Stores
Retail outlets and superstores often give away coupons to their customers, which can be used in place of real money during their next purchase.
A good example is the Canadian Tire money, a loyalty program operated by Canadian Tire. If you have any such coupons, drop them off at a local animal shelter; they can be used to buy some of their much-needed supplies!
#6: Gift an Assortment of Supplies
To run and maintain a full-fledged animal shelter, a whole lot of supplies and equipment are required.
Right from cleaning and food supplies to medical supplies and pet toys, they need so many things, and every once in a while, they tend of run out of them. Gift these items to your pet shelter and they will very happily accept.
#7: Get Your Pet Supplies from Their Store
Most pet shelters have their own stores with the profits from sales going into the care, feeding, and treatment of their animals.
If you have a pet at home, purchase its supplies from the store at your local animal shelter. This way, you’ll get great quality products for your pet and the shelter will receive a good deal of monetary support.
#8: Donate Items to Their Charity Shops
Charity shops or thrift shops are retail outlets run by charitable and non-profit organizations in order to raise money. Proceeds from such shops go, either partly or completely, into the smooth running of these organizations.
If your local animal shelter has a thrift shop, you can donate clothing, household items, toys, etc., so that they can be sold and earnings from them can be used to run and maintain the shelter.
#9: Support Them in Fundraising
Animal shelters host numerous fundraising events throughout the year, which include community dinners, dog/cat shows, raffle ticket sales, and so on.
Try to catch such an event organized by your local animal shelter and attend/support the same. If you have enough community reach and funds, you can also organize such an event for your local animal shelter!
#10: Involve Your Employees and Customers
One of the greatest ways to support your local animal shelter is to get your employees and customers involved in the cause.
... but ask them to spare some money for attending these events. Then donate all that money to the animal shelter – easy-peasy!
Organize a casual day or a team lunch for your employees, or customer appreciation event or silent auction for your customers ...
#11: Follow Them on Social Media
Most animal shelters and rescue centers have their presence on social media as, these days, it is the easiest way to reach out to people.
If you would like to support your local animal shelter, find them on social media and follow/like their pages. Doing so will keep you up-to-date with information regarding their events and activities.
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