Social Media and Online Marketing for Real Estate Agents


Tips for real estate agents: using social media and online marketing

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A few weeks ago I had a chance to meet Mr. Greg Head, best selling author of the book Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle (available on Amazon and your better book stores).  Greg had found me on LinkedIn, and told me he was coming thru Winnipeg, asking if we could meet and discuss your favorite topic (and mine…),  canadian real estate.   So I invited him out to my weekly business meeting of the BNI Accelerators, and after the meeting, Greg interviewed me on the topic of social media and online marketing for real estate agents.

During the interview we spoke about the best return on your time investment as far as social media is concerned.  What should be the centre of a real estate agent’s online strategy?  What if an agent is simply too busy to write articles and/or get involved in social media?

Answers to these, and other questions, can be found on Greg’s blog at  Or just go to ‘Interview with Bo Kauffmann‘.


Another helpful article to all online-marketers

5 useful web services and sites

5 Web Sites and Services to make your online life easierThe other day, one of my real estate competitors called me for some advice about websites and online lead generation.  He knew that I am a big believer in internet promotions, websites and blogging to generate new business.  Over the past few years, I’ve learned a few things, and don’t mind sharing what I’ve learned.  So here are some of the top websites and services that make MY online life a little easier:


Click here to view original web page at 5 Web Sites and Services to make your online life easier

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Bonus Material (Slide Show)

Here is a very helpful slide show on the 5 web services that will save you tons of time online.  You can even download the slide show and use it as a presentation.  Its free, but it will cost you a fb-like, a linkedin share or google+ share.

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